Trymbi: "We get to understand better and better how to use [Malrang]."


LEC Spring 2022 has shown off many talented support players. From old-school legends like Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov, or relative newcomers like Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé making their first spark, there has been a lot to be excited about. Lost in the flash, though, is Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus.


Though once again one of the best supports in the West, helping his team to the top of his region, he continues to be ignored. All the hype goes to other supports and his fellow teammates. Inven Global talked with Trymbi to discuss the public’s perception of him, his perspective on support champion pools, and Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong’s performance.

You’ve stated your goal is to prove yourself as not just the fifth wheel for Rogue. Naturally, it’s difficult for a support to stand out, but when you see people like Hylissang, Mikyx, and even Targamas now — they see a lot of hype. Why do you think you don’t receive as much fanfare?


I think one thing is about the narratives. Because right now, you can see that Hylissang, for example, is a professor. And just a lot of people like him. I think he's playing really amazing so it's understandable that he has the hype that he has. For Mikyx, I would say it's the fact that he was already one of those supports that people missed this split. And overall, it was really weird that he was not in the LEC, right? So I think people are really excited to see him and he performed quite nicely and made Excel look better. 


And Targamas — I think the narrative about the big champion pool, but also G2 helped out with is also really nice for him. It helps him out to actually just perform better. I'm not sure if he performs insanely great, but I think looking at how big of a champion pool he has now, he performed really nicely on most of those champs. 


And on why I don't get any type of feeling that they have: not sure. I mean, I have Malrang, and he's doing an amazing job. And it looks like every game he's carrying us. And yeah, it's about jungle as well. He puts a lot of pressure, so I don't mind him getting the attention, because he for sure deserves it. I think Comp was playing really, really well. [...] Larssen is doing really and being very consistent in the way he plays. Yeah, it's just really nice to work with him, just because of how consistent he is and how well he plays.


And Odo — pretty much the same. But also he's this kind of guy that just tells you the truth that you don't like to hear, but you need to hear. And they're all playing really well. For my standards, I'm not playing the best mechanically now still, and I don't really want to put much attention on it for now. I just want to prepare the best as a team. I want to take it slowly. From my experience, I'm not playing the best, I think I can play much better mechanically. I want to prove it in playoffs, or at least in future games that I can play better and better. For now, I haven't really shown it. So I guess it's understandable, but it for sure felt like maybe there will be a little bit more attention on me. 



So far, Rogue’s players all usually seem on the same page, which is interesting, since you’ve said you don’t have a main shotcaller yet. It seems so polished — how is it not chaos? 


I learned quite a bit from last year about how both Odo and Larssen would like the communication to be. And with Hans and Inspired, I could make sure that I am able to think about what's possibly the best things to be said in comms. That's kind of the experience I took from last year. Our comms last year, sometimes we would have problems with it, but we would figure it out. And this year I can maintain the comms that we had last year, and just add up the stuff that I want.


I still don't think it's polished completely. There's quite a bit to work on. From my point of view, for example, I'm the kind of guy that gets energetic during the game, and I'm really competitive. So I want to destroy the whole enemy team if I can. And if I'm able to and I have tools, I'm gonna shout it out even though sometimes people might not like it. So I'm just gonna do it, and that's for sure something that I need a little bit to work on, because I'm an emotional guy. The people can for sure hear my emotion. So sometimes, when I'm not really in my best shape, people can hear that and I'm for sure a moody guy. 


About the whole thing: I think everyone is putting their own piece into the comms, and I really like it. It's pretty chill. I think the stage game that we had was a little bit more energetic. Other people also were much more active than usual. That's something that we need to curb, because it's for sure gonna be different when we play on stage. 



We recently interviewed Targamas, who’s been known for having a very deep champion pool. He said that he thinks that’s not special, it’s more the opportunities his team gives him to play those champions. What do you think,? You're a support with a deep champion pool. Why aren’t others playing as much as he has?


It's a bit about the confidence that you have and that the team can give you outside. For example, I don't know if you remember, but this thing with Rekkles and caPs when caPs wanted to pick Vayne versus Galio. And I think it was Dylan coaching, who was a bit skeptical about it. But Rekkles gave him a lot of confidence to pick it. This is something that for sure helps, and I think in G2 have a nice atmosphere. It gives him a lot of confidence to be able to play all those champs. For example, for Targamas: even if he's not gonna perform the best on these champs, I think caPs and Jankos will be able to step up for him in order to look good. 


It works very well for them and I'm really happy, because they're showing good performances. But as Targamas said, it's just opportunities. Maybe you'll not get such opportunities in playoffs. Мaybe in playoffs, he'll also be this kind of guy that will play three or four champs, because he doesn't get the opportunities. Maybe the meta changes or something happens. So you shouldn't really look for your flexibility. 


And on top of the question you asked: on the highest level, I don't think it's that necessary to have a large champion pool. In a sense that it doesn't matter if you can play half of the champs that are in League of Legends, since there are people that play one, two, three champs in competitive and they play to absolute perfection. And if they get one of those champs, you're going to be much more scared than from the guy that's gonna pick some random champion on fifth or fourth pick that maybe counters the whole team. But if I'm not gonna be able to perform well on this champ, then it doesn't matter if I get a good champ against the enemy team or not. It's about how well you can perform on this champion.



We also spoke with Elyoya recently, who said he wasn’t sure how good Malrang would be as the split carried. His heavy gank style is great right now, but when teams learn and make fewer mistakes, he won’t be as effective. Do you think that’s true? Does his playstyle need to change at all?


I mean, it's a bit true, but also not true. I'm more on the not true side, because I think he's doing fantastic work in the way he plays. And it doesn't feel right to say that people are gonna be able to find out how he plays or figure him out and that then he's not gonna be able to perform. I really think he's doing the best thing he does in the game. If he thinks full cleaning is gonna be the best thing he can do, he'll do that and I believe in it. I know he can do that because he's doesn't have this type of playstyle only. I think our team even encouraged him sometimes to full clear more if he is not sure about stuff. 


I think we get to understand better and better how to use him. If we're still going to make use of how he plays, and how he plays around lanes, then I think teams will still struggle. I think he gives the most that he can from the position he is in and if he was gonna play champs like Hecarim, Diana, or Gwen that actually need to farm more — I'm more than happy to give him the time, instead of asking him to gank. 


I just hope that he'll be able to have an option to do that, and just perform. Because even the Hecarim game that we played — Hecarim is this kind of champion that is supposed to full clear. But he saw a gank on bot lane. I didn't really need that gank, but he saw it, and it was really good, because they were not really caring about this gank, and we got a free kill. He did not really lose much out of it, because then he got Golems from enemy team. He's really doing amazing and I don't see why people would say such stuff about his playstyle. 

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