"I did a friend wrong": Zain reflects on previously condemning Bobbybigballz


Top Super Smash Bros. Melee player Zain Naghmi has decided to share his feelings about his former collaboration and friendship with Bobbybigballz. 


Bobbybigballz was dropped from Even Matchup Gaming in 2020 for offensive comments towards women and LGBTQ folks and was a close friend with Zain before the incident. In light of the backlash Bobby received for the remarks, Zain later released a statement, denouncing Bobby's comments, and ending his collaboration with the controversial Smash player. 


But it seems that Zain is now having second thoughts about that decision. In a TwitLonger posted to Twitter earlier today, he said: "I was lauded for my post while Bobby underwent an unrelenting character assassination as a result of what I had said."



Zain admitted that the past two years have been difficult for him in regards to the situation with Bobby. While he said he does believe what Bobbybigballz said was "unacceptable," he wished he'd handled the situation differently. 

"With Bobby, I dealt with our relationship more like a business and less like a friend. If I had treated him more like a friend, maybe it would have been easier to foster more understanding and less resentment," Zain wrote. 

"The lasting feeling is always that I did a friend wrong. I continue to learn what it means to do right in this community," Zain concluded, offering an apology. 


When the original controversy broke in 2020, Zain's statement likely came from the pressure from fans to issue one. At the time, many felt confused about Zain due to his involvement with Bobby. 


In his original TwitLonger on the situation, Zain never mentioned Bobby by name, stating: "The news coming out makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me sick to think that the place where I’ve felt so safe for the last six years is the same place of fucking nightmares. It makes me mad at myself for narrowing my field of vision to just competition and ignoring the fucked up shit happening all around." 



Bobbybigballz no longer has a Twitter account, following community backlash, which followed any content creator who'd mention Bobby.

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