Inven KR Reactions: the grand final, SKT T1 vs KT Roslter [live updates]

SKT T1 vs. KT Rolster


● Fans: "I hope it's not a 3-0 victory for anyone" 


▲ Cosplay by MVP beyond

▲ SKT T1 Bang with Katarina and Janna

▲ Attack on SKT

Attack on SKT 2


▲ KT Score in the pre-match interview


Game 1 


▲ "Faker is unkillable."
▲ Score giving up Baron... again.

● "Are you sure Faker is not a robot? I mean, look at that perfect ult." 


▲ "Just as he said during the pre-match interview"

▲ Faker dodging a skill shot

▲"Me after Game 1"

▲ Game 1 in a nutshell


Game 2

*KT bans Fizz right away*
Fans: saw that coming

▲ What's with the picks and bans? 
▲ Peanut in Game 2 like

▲ "The world could always use more shields."

▲ SKT T1 members' HP bars in Game 2 be like
▲ Game 2 in a nutshell


Game 3 

*Faker picks Mid Lulu"
Fans: let's get ready for Game 4. 
*Faker gets a solo kill"
Fans: nevermind.

▲ Blank: I guess you don't need me today 
▲ Nukraves

and the final winner is

▲ SKT T1 ! 


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