Mizkif calls Artesian Builds PC quality "garbage sh*t" after OTK cuts ties with the company

The OTK Network, a streaming team that includes Mizkif, Asmongold, Emiru, and others has officially cut ties with former sponsor Artesian Builds, after Artesian Builds came under fire for inappropriate remarks about small streamers and for refusing to honor a giveaway won by a streamer named Kiapiaa because their CEO Noah Katz believed she was too small to win. While Artesian Builds has since admitted to wrongdoing, it hasn't prevented significant fallout. 


"We appreciate those in our community who contacted us yesterday and informed us of what happened," the org stated in a notice on Wednesday. "As of today, we have parted ways with Artesian Builds. OTK is, was, and will always be a collective of streamers working together to elevate one another and produce content that is greater than the sum of its parts. We look forward to continuing our mission of pushing the envelope of what it means to be a gaming organization, and we are deeply thankful for our community that has supported us through it all."



In addition to cutting ties, MIzkif also called out the company for having low-quality PCs. Onstream Wednesday, Mizkif stated about the PC he received from Artesian builds: "I think it was an absolute garbage, sh*t PC. [..] Nothing was right with it, I wish I could have said this forever ago. I absolutely hated that PC. I don't understand how they made that PC and thought it was okay to ship it to me."


He later clarified that only one of his PCs from the company was poor in quality, with some of the others he had working correctly.


Additionally, Twitch streamer and YouTuber Onepeg alleged on Wednesday that the company engaged in tax evasion, preventing them from doing business in the State of California, citing an Open Corporate database entry that showed Artesian Builds status from the Franchise Tax Board has been Suspended/Forfeited as of today.



The backlash against Artesian Builds started on Tuesday after the CEO made fun of Twitch streamer Kiapiaa for being small and refused to give her the PC that she rightfully won in their ambassador giveaway, appearing to change the rules of the giveaway at the last moment. Kia, who has since gained thousands of followers amid the fallout of the situation, called the company out on Twitter and gained significant traction, including drawing attention from big names like Nick Mercs in the process, who called out Artesian Builds despite them sponsoring his own stream.


The company eventually offered to honor their original giveaway agreement, two public comments later, but by the time they came around Kia soundly rebuffed their attempt to give her a PC in the name of supporting small streamers.


Given the massive reaction to them mocking and excluding a small streamer, Artesian Builds is like regretting their decision to make fun of Kia on stream.

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