Ethan Klein cancels Jeff Wittick interview over alleged stalking and threats from Wittick's friend

Source: h3h3

Ethan Klein announced on the H3H3 podcast on Monday that he canceled his Jeff Wittick interview, claiming that one of Jeff Wittick's friends, who Klein made fun of recently, came into his gated neighborhood with a video camera and verbally threatened Ethan and his family. According to Klein, he had to call the police to address the harassment from Wittick's friend, and as a result, has canceled the interview with Wittick himself.



"Jeff's not coming on the show for good reason," Klein stated on Monday. "Jeff's friend, the guy I was making fun of [for lifting weights in the background Wittick's video], he came into our f*cking gated community and was filming, driving by our house and saying: 'I have all the info you need Ethan, don't test me.' Like, threatening me and my family in front of our house."


The incident reportedly occurred on Friday. Ethan referred to it as a "f*cking nightmare" and explained that he filed a police report and has since tightened security. Klein said that he didn't think Wittick had anything to do with the intimidation, but that nonetheless, he is canceling the interview since he "put a guy on who is willing to do that, because I made fun of him for [...] lifting weights during his friend's heart-wrenching story."


Ethan further claimed that the person in question who intimidated him posted multiple videos of him driving by the Klein's house on his Instagram, with one of the videos taking place before he even made fun of the man.


Klein said: "So his homie before I even mentioned him, came to drive by our house to threaten me and my family" going on to claim that the videos showed his license plate, and zoomed into the windows of his house. Ethan also made it clear in his comments on Monday that should anyone break into his house, he is armed and ready to defend himself.


Klein was originally planning to do an interview with Wittek, a YouTuber and former member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, who had 9 surgeries so far on his eye after he was severely injured in a stunt instigated by and for Dobrick's YouTube channel. While he initially didn't speak out against Dobrick, Wittick has since changed his toon, with Wittick making an emotional video recently revealing his negative feelings about Dobrick and his injury.

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