Disabled streamer HanDcapableSean uses only his chin to defeat Elden Ring boss

Source: HanDcapableSean

Twitch streamer HanDcapableSean, a disabled gamer known for defeating punishingly difficult games with his unique chin-controller setup, is taking his skills to the newest sensation Elden Ring. Over the weekend, he successfully defeated the Elden Ring boss Margit the Fell Omen using just his chin. We can likely expect even more incredible Elden Ring boss runs from him in the near future.



The streamer utilizes an unorthodox setup where he controls games using his chin and mouth, while at the same time commentating what is going on to his audience. He uses software called Antimicro to remap the bottoms for his NACON Revolution Pro Controller V2 Gamepad, a fully customizable gamepad for PC and PS4.


He boasts a relatively small, but loyal, following, with 5.2k followers, who tune in to witness him beating games in extraordinary fashion despite his physical limitation. So far he has completed numerous difficult titles, including Castlevania 3, Contra, Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, another title from FROM Software.



Given his penchant for difficult games and history of already beating Sekiro, it will not be surprising to see HanDcapableSean successfully navigate Elden Ring in the near future, though he is playing other games like Zelda alongside Elden Ring, so it may be a while before we see him complete the relatively lengthy game.


HanDcapableSean is not the only streamer attempting to defeat Elden Ring on stream. xQc, Hasan, and Ludwig have all taken on the task, though Hasan has already given up on the challenge. Ludwig, on the other hand, has committed himself to winning, refusing to end his stream until he defeats Elden Ring. He is currently on the final boss as of writing this article, after nearly 4 days of streaming without stopping other than to eat and sleep.

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