BDO Tamer's Guide to the Most Damage Combo

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 포니킬러 [Ponykiller]



Historically, most damage Tamer combos opened with a Moonlight Strike stun and airborne. It’s worth noting that preemptively stunning with Moonlight Strike-Vermillion Bird or Moonlight Strike-Azure Dragon and finishing off with a long chain combo with a grab mixed in is nothing but wishful thinking.

Why, you ask? It’s because most classes have faster mobility skills and skills that grant easy super armor. The only meaningful Tamer skill that can pose a threat is the revamped grab. In other words, the Tamer has to rely on grab in her main practical combos. The Tamer’s grab throws the enemy in the air for 1.5 seconds, which means you have to do most of your damage combos during that time.

The first alternative combo I came up with is this: Grab - Echo Pierce swap – Beast Rampage cancel – slot Echo Pierce – Moonlight Strike.



Although that combo comes close to the speed of the old gatling, the difficulty of the command and the additional damage of Echo Pierce during cooldown doesn’t quite cut it for most Tamer players.

Let’s move away from Echo Pierce – Echo Pierce – Moonlight Strike, and take a closer look at Legendary Beast Dance, which is one of the few Tamer skills that Heilang complements. Players are probably aware that Vermillion Bird and Black Turtle combos are the strongest among the four attacks, which begs the question: what if you just use Grab – Echo Pierce swap – Legendary Beast Dance?

It turns out that the above combo is actually weaker than Moonlight Strike – Flow: Full Moon – Echo Pierce, because both Vermillion Bird and Black Turtle take up 1.5 seconds to deal full damage. The former has a ridiculously long recovery time and the latter, a long startup time. There simply isn’t enough time for anything else.

What if you could reduce that delay? First off, Black Turtle’s off the table as nothing can affect the startup time on the skill. It is, however, possible to cancel the Vermilion Bird’s recovery delay. This is where I got the Tamer’s best combo: Vermillion Bird cancel – Moonlight Strike – Flow: Full Moon – Echo Pierce.


As you can see in the video, I can cancel Vermillion Bird with Legendary Beast Dance into Moonlight Strike, all within one second. As soon as Vermillion Bird is activated, Heilang starts its follow-up a half-second late. Heilang’s follow-up attack happens in two stages: Bite and Claw.

The main source of damage comes from Bite, which is about the same as a single Moonlight Strike. Claw doesn’t have to connect because it only deals about the same as an autoattack, not to mention the paltry damage of Heilang’s Vermillion Bird. Just preemptively enter the command and cancel with Legendary Beast’s Power into Moonlight Strike. That is to say, cancel Vermillion Bird so that Heilang attacks in unison and subsequently use Moonlight Strike – Flow: Full Moon as usual. In terms of command difficulty, it’s so much easier than the Grab - Echo Pierce swap – Beast Rampage cancel – slot Echo Pierce – Moonlight Strike combo.

In theory, this is the most damage the Tamer can do in one second. If it doesn’t do the job, there are two alternatives. Get more AP or quit playing the Tamer. Her deadliness is about -10 to -20 of other classes’ AP. What I’m trying to say is that if your Tamer’s AP is not over 250 AP, you’re pretty much screwed.

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