The gaming industry for Business Promotion

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The winning tactic of any business is the ability to see where the attention of the audience is directed because huge financial flows are concentrated there. The trend direction is sales in social networks, so people actively buy Instagram followers, advertising, integrations from bloggers. Businesses are implementing artificial intelligence technologies, Blockchain, and VR/AR. One of the brightest trends in the digital industry is the video game industry, which has taken over leisure and become a multibillion-dollar market.


How to make money on video games?

It is no secret that human leisure time is gradually moving into virtual space. Video games have become part of modern culture and one of the main hobbies of the new generation.

Today, games are no longer just entertainment, they are becoming a new platform for communication, earnings, transforming business, the education system, and are gradually erasing the boundaries between virtuality and reality.

The video game market has long been larger than the movie and TV series industry, and huge financial flows are concentrated there. The main types of video game revenue are sales of the games and subscriptions, sales of in-game content such as equipment items, upgrades, premium accounts,  items directly from the developers themselves, many other game resources, and in-game advertising. 

This is an opportunity to turn a hobby into a high-paying income and develop in such areas as streaming, blogging, cybersport. Having appropriate skills you can earn as a game tester, developer, game content creator, etc.


Gamification as a powerful digital marketing tool

All marketing is built to sell not only goods but emotions. Emotion is a resource that people are willing to pay for. In the digital space, people attract the attention of the audience in different ways. Some create social proof and buy real Instagram followers, post reviews, and successful cases. Someone builds trust with the help of video content creating the effect of personal presence.

Gamification is a powerful new tool in digital marketing. Gamification is the transfer of gaming techniques to business. They help retain clients, make interaction with the company interesting, turn it into a pleasant habit. 

The use of gamification in business gives customers positive emotions: the game entertains, provides social approval from other participants, and a sense of community with them. When every contact with a company is pleasant, then customers will not want to go to competitors, even if they have better prices.

Game mechanics motivate subscribers to get involved in the sales funnel, get to know the product better, feel the quality and the need to place an order. Game elements increase motivation, include competitive and social triggers, stir up interest and increase involvement in your business.

Gamification works equally well in the information business, online stores, the sale of services with a long deal cycle, and a high check, in the service sector and training, when organizing online and offline events.

To sum up, the gaming industry is the second-fastest-growing industry in the world. That is why it is worth joining and taking advantage of the new trend.

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