GimR calls out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players for being "cry babies," urges them to "get over it"

Source: Liquidpedia


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content creator GimR called out the Smash community earlier today for their behavior after losing a match. 


GimR tweeted that "no johns" should be a thing again in the competitive Smash scene. Instead, GimR feels as though the Smash community has been reinforcing an "anti-competitive" mindset he also called "weak." 


"Every good character has BS. Get over it and focus on getting better," GimR said. "Improving your mindset will make you better at Smash and happier in life." 



But that was just the beginning of the Smash players rant. GimR felt that competitors keep blaming the game and their mains instead of their own gameplay when facing a loss. He explained that players will use the same strategy for three years but still blame the game when they lose. 


"Re-watch your sets for three seconds and you'll realize what you're doing wrong," GimR added. 


GimR added that the best player in the world is winning with Byleth, a character previously believed to be low tier. MkLeo has been winning majors with the flawed character yet GimR keeps seeing people blaming the game for their "shortcomings." He said that complaining about a video game on Twitter isn't how players should expect to improve. 



GimR said: "PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, get over yourself, throw your ego in the trash, and focus on self-improvement. You'll be so much happier I promise. On that note, don't base your self-improvement on how you place at locals from one week to the next. You'll be forever discouraged from training and improving. Linear graphs don't exist in reality. Long-term gains and improvement over time should always be the focus."


Prominent Smash figures agreed, including EE. He added that the new generation is "soft" and that probably won't change. 


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community was a bit more conflicted with GimR's rant. Many felt that Smash players have the right to be frustrated since many of the characters are boring and that some opponents are truly annoying to deal with, including Steve. Sometimes there truly are reasons why a match goes sour, but others noted that complaining won't help. 

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