The best TFT items and comps for Set 6.5 Neon Nights


Greetings to all the Tacticians who are out there celebrating the new patch and the start of Set 6.5! With all the changes to Teamfight Tactics in the new set, including new Hextech Augments, new Origins and Classes, some reworked items, and over 20 new units (and 20 units from Set 6 who are sadly no longer with us). This includes the first-ever inclusion of League of Legends champions Renata Glasc and Alistar, along with the first-ever non-LoL unit, Arcane’s Silco.


With so many changes it seems appropriate to also change the tier list in concert with the brand new Set! We’ve overhauled the comp tier list, which now includes the key items on the main carries when making its determination, and we’ve eliminated a lot of the repeating comps to show the more unique iterations. We’ll also be doing an item tier list for the first time so that players can know which items for their units are the most-prized and important, especially in the early game when comps haven’t quite shaken out yet. Of course, we will also break down the comps of the patch so you know which comps give the best chance to win on the current patch.

Best TFT items in Set 6.5

As we can see, a lot of the AP items are dominating the top of the item tier list, with Morellonomicon, Ionic Spark, Statik Shiv, and Chalice of Power all coming at the top of the list. These items pair well with a few of the stronger carries in the current meta like Seraphine and Ahri, while the supportive items like Chalice are good options for a secondary carry/buff buddy like Orianna (who is also exceptionally strong). 


While AD items are a bit less valuable at the top, overall they are still very much viable due to the strength of probably the best carry in the game right now, Irelia. She heavily prioritizes Last Whisper, but she can also run Giant Slayer or Runaan’s instead of her preferred Infinity Edge. Her strength is also a primary reason why Bramble Vest is so critical, negates her crits as well as those from other Infinity Edge builders in the meta like Draven or Tryndamere.

Best TFT comps in Set 6.5

Innovators are the comp of the patch, to be sure, with comps around either Irelia or Seraphine both in the S/A tier. Irelia is so strong that she actually justifies a second comp for her Striker trait. While the two are distinct, there is (naturally a lot of overlap) so we’ll give a quick crash course to differentiate between the two. Rounding out the top of the tier list are the Hextech/Sivir comp (which is also based around Strikers, though surprisingly Irelia is not as crucial to that comp), Striker Rek’Sai (featuring Irelia), and Enforcer/Sniper Jhin. The Jhin comp is unique in that it uses Bruisers (Vi and Sejuani) more heavily than those other comps, folding in the Enforcer trait for good measure.


Lower on the tier list, more Innovators pop up, but around the two best Assassins, Kha’Zix and Twitch. We also see our first Arcanist comp, with Ahri basically slotting into the Lux role from Set 6. However, in this patch we prefer Seraphine to Ahri as an AP carry whenever possible.


Below that, there are some more viable but still a bit weaker comps that depend on slow rolling (Tryndamere and Cho’Gath) or putting your eggs into some weaker 4 and 5-cost carries (Draven, Kai’Sa, and Zeri).

Innovator Irelia comp

Innovators have become incredibly strong to start Set 6.5 because of how they can synergize with the Scrap trait (Ezreal and Ekko are both Scrap/Innovators). Now, as opposed to Set 6, they actually have a viable, primary carry they can build around in Irelia. Add a Bliztcrank, and you now easily have a core four-unit group that has 4 Scrap, 2 Innovators. From there, you can transition this to either 4 Scrap, 5 Innovators as is the case below. Or, if you manage to get an Innovator or Scrap emblem, you can push for either 6 Scrap or 7 Innovators. This is also an option if you decide to push for Level 9.


For items, the IE/Last Whisper combo for Irelia is key, as are the Morellonomicons for Seraphine/Ekko. One thing to note is that, with four Scrap, you should also be equipping item components onto your Scrap units to get the most bang for your buck. So if you have an extra Chain Vest, stick it on Blitzcrank. An extra Tear, throw it on Ekko. Extra BF Sword, here you go Ezreal. This is why Binary Airdrop can be such a good Augment for this comp.

Striker Irelia

If Innovators are hotly contested, though, you can always pivot to this Socialite/Striker comp for Irelia. The beauty of this comp is that Irelia gets powered up even more with the Socialite spot, but even if it’s in the backline you can easily stick Seraphine on it. Gnar, Braum, and Blitzcrank all make fantastic frontliners, while Senna can keep everyone upright with her ult.


This comp has incredible Synergy and works to maximize Irelia’s strength as a frontline threat. It has balance of AD and AP threats, and can work with most Augments. It also doesn’t need the player to pick up any emblems to make it work or push it to Level 9. The downside, of course, is that it’s just plain weaker than the Innovator comp. Still, it’s a solid pivot should your opponents be signaling that they’re going for those precious Innovators.

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