BDO Sorceress Guide: How to PvP like a pro as Sorceress

Disclaimer: This article contains curated tips, guides, other useful information posted on Inven KR by the users. Please note that such guides and information are not objective truths and may not reflect the latest patch or meta changes.

Original guide from BDO Inven KR's csn



■ Prerequisites

AP above 230
Villa buffs & food buffs (Serendia, hamburg, and Valencian)
Rice Cake Soup or Whale potion
Put Dream of Doom in the hotkeys.
Put Manos Ruby Necklace, Ogre Ring, Kutum talisman, and Nouver talisman in the hotkeys and swap with your original gear.
Do not spend any skill points on Flow: Rushing Crow.


■ Crystals

Helmet: evasion
Armor: evasion
Gloves: valor
Shoes: adamantine
Weapon: Addis, power
Secondary weapon: awakened spirit’s crystal


■ Skill Build


▲ Pre-Awakening skills
▲ Pre-Awakening skills
▲ Awakening skills
▲ Skill Add-ons


■ Basic combos

Canceling before Violation:
Cartian’s Protection - Violation
Midnight Stinger - Cartian’s Protection - Violation
Rushing Crow - Cartian’s Protection - Violation

Amulet combo:
Midnight Stinger (stiffness) - Flow of Darkness - Shadow Eruption - Crow Flare (air attack) - Beak Kick (knockdown)

Scythe combo:
Violation - Turn Back Slash - Dead Hunt (2 hits)

[Amulet combo - Cartian’s Protection - Scythe combo] or [Nightmare - Right click - Amulet combo]

Canceling Turn Back Slash:
Night Crow (scythe) - Turn Back Slash

Approaching the target from the back:
Shadow Leap - W+Left click (dash attack) - Violation

Escape combo:
Shadow Leap - Midnight Stinger - Rushing Crow - Night Crow - Darkness Released - Night Crow - Darkness Released

Canceling Shadow Eruption:
Night Crow - Shadow Eruption

Non-ranged attack combo:
Shadow Leap - Nightmare(invulnerability) - Dark Flame(forward guard) - Night Crow - Storming Crow(invulnerability) - Midnight Stinger - Rushing Crow

If you use Midnight Stinger in Awakening mode, you will be automatically switching to non-awakening mode. You should maintain forward guard, invulnerability, and super armor status to effectively attack the target from a short distance.



■ Other tips

When you are going from Scythe to Amulet, use Midnight Stinger. When you are going the other way around, use Cartian’s Protection - Midnight Stinger - C - Violation.

Use the Cartian’s Protection - Violation combo, even when you are not trying to cancel before Violation. Also, cancel with Left click every time you use Violation to deal more damage in a shorter amount of time. Escape with Night Crow to dodge any possible counter attacks.

Turn Back Slash:
When you are using the Night Crow(scythe) - Turn Back Slash combo, make sure neither skills are on cooldown. The skills should be off cooldown, in order to deal more damage.

Grim Reaper’s Judgment:
Be extra careful when you are fighting against a Ranger. You will be vulnerable to all attacks while charging, so make sure you use this skill only when your HP is full or almost full.

Dark Flame:
It works as both a defense skill and an offense skill. It should be effective against every class, except for the Sorceress. If you are fighting against another Sorceress, her Violation will win against your Dark Flame. Also, since Dark Flame only provides you with Forward Guard, you are vulnerable to the attacks coming from the side or the back. Be careful when you are fighting against Maehwas as they might be able to counterattack your skills. Lastly, cancel the skill with Night Crow.

You will be using this skill to attack from behind (RMB whilst using) 90% of the time.


■ Against each class

There are two things you should be careful of: shield guard and Grave Digging. You should not directly approach the Warrior while he’s on guard. Try to attack him from the back, using Violation and/or Nightmare. When the Warrior is using Grave Digging, none of your CC skills will work on him. Dodge Grave Digging and Solar Flare with Night Crow and attack when he is knocked down.

The Ranger might kill you in single combo if you are knocked down. Be careful not to get hit by the Elven Sword skills. Use Shadow Leap as soon as the cooldown ends. Escape with mobility skills when you have low HP, and use Nightmare when the enemy uses Elven Sword skills. Dodge the Super Armor skills such as Flow: Rushing Wind, Vine Knot, or Breezy Blade. Get behind the enemy with Shadow Leap, and attack with Violation when the enemy is using Regeneration or Nature’s Tremble.

Victory depends on how skilled you are and how good your gear is. There are four factors that decide who gets the upper hand when both use Violation against each other. 1) AP 2) which one used Violation slightly later 3)direction and 4)canceling. Nightmare is also important.

Be careful not to get hit by Lava Piercer and Ground Lifting, and use Nightmare, Grim Reaper’s Judgment, and Violation to easily kill him.
Move away from him or use Forward guard skills when he uses Devastation.

Make sure the Tamer is under CC before starting your combo on her. Use Shadow Leap or Night Crow a lot to attack from different directions. When the Tamer jumps up, move away from her and wait until the motion is over before approaching again.

You won’t get killed in a single combo if you have Kutum gear. Use Forward Guard skills to guard against his skills and attack him with Violation. Use Shadow Leap to get behind his back when he’s using Crust Crusher. Musas don’t have any skills that can grab you, so use Grim Reaper’s Judgment a lot.

Probably the strongest character in PvP. You must cancel Violation and use Nightmare and Grim Reaper’s Judgment a lot.

Many of the Kunoichi’s main skills have the Super Armor and Stiffness effect. Try to hit her with Downward slash when using Violation. Use Grim Reaper’s Judgment a lot, and use Violation when the enemy is using Super Armor skills. If you are too close to the enemy, she might be able to grab you. In that case, just right-click and guard.

Same as Kunoichi but harder to aim.

Easy. Not much to tell.

Wizards and Witches are specialized in mass PvP. In other words, they are relatively weak in 1 vs 1 situations. Be wary of Super Armor skills and attack from behind when they’re using Forward guard skills.

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