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Svenskeren's aggressiveness: Is it a double-edged sword? - NA LCS Finals Preview





Svenskeren's aggressive strategy will be a crucial factor for the finals.

On April 22nd (PST), the highly anticipated NA LCS Finals between Team SoloMid and Cloud9 will take place in the Pacific Coliseum at Vancouver, Canada. They were ranked first and second respectively in the regular season, making the series the best that NA can offer. In the series, the battle between TSM's Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen and C9's Juan "Contractz" Garcia will have a lot at stake for both teams.

Svenskeren is the most aggressive jungler in North America. His favored champions are those who can counterjungle effectively to outfarm the enemy jungler, such as Lee Sin and Graves. It was not any different during the semifinals, as Svenskeren was not afraid to get behind the FlyQuest's line.


On the other hand, Contractz plays very differently from Svenskeren. He usually sets up the rotation to farm better, help skirmishes more efficiently and snowball the said advantage into a win. In other words, even the smallest mistake from the enemy jungler will be exploited by Contractz.

So, we'd imagine that Svenskeren will pull the trigger first, and Contractz will be making counterplays accordingly. If Svenskeren or any player from TSM manages to get First Blood from his aggressive plays, TSM will certainly be able to get ahead of C9.

However, other teams are catching up to Svenskeren's aggressive plays, and they've started to exploit them - which is exactly what happened during their semifinals against FlyQuest. If C9 is well-prepared against Svenskeren's aggression, it could be fatal to TSM.



Another factor that needs to be taken into account in the battle of two junglers is the mid laner. More often than not, a skirmish between the junglers often becomes a 2-on-2 battle between junglers and mid laners, and the mid laner who is holding the initiative and clears the lane quicker will be able to help their jungler faster - and probably win the skirmish.

C9's Coach Hangyu "Reapered" Bok of C9 previously stressed the importance of Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen getting the upper hand against Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg. After all, C9 must be aware of how aggressive Svenskeren can be, so Jensen would want to hold the initiative in the mid lane to counter Svenskeren's play.

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That means that Jensen would need to pick either a champion with fast lane clear or a champion that can be played aggressively. Among Jensen's favored picks, Ryze and Syndra fit that description. Although Orianna has been Jensen's most favorite pick, she would be too passive in this matchup.

The junglers have a lot at stake for their teams. Will Svenskeren's aggressiveness lead TSM to victory like always? or will Contractz be able to counter Svenskeren for C9's long-awaited third crown? The battle between two junglers will certainly be a matchup to look out for.


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