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C9 Coach Reapered on Finals: "How Jensen does against Bjergsen will be a decisive factor"



The highly-anticipated conclusion of NA LCS 2017 is just a few days away. Inven Global asked Cloud9's coach, Hangyu “Reapered” Bok, about how Cloud9 is preparing for the finals.

He started with how diligently the team is preparing for the finals, but was modest about the team's chance to win the finals: "Preparations are going pretty well, but I'm still not sure how likely it is for us to win; I think it will depend on how the players shape up that day."

Specifically, he has high hopes for Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen: "Although I'm not sure which player will do great in the match, I hope Jensen does well; he will be a decisive factor of the match's outcome depending on how well he does against Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg."

He was also aware of how C9 is often thought to be weak in the early game, so that the team is preparing accordingly: "It's nobody's secret that C9 is weaker in the early game, but we are confident that we'd do well in the mid to late game. It will be crucial that we get our early game up to par."

Finally, he expressed how the team is simply doing their best to win: "We never thought about how we are going to win; we'll just prepare to be the best as we can, and show everything that we've prepared for in the finals."


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