Banned streamer calls out Twitch for letting Amouranth wear revealing bikinis on stream without consequence


Twitch streamer Danielle "TheDanDangler" Lanza has lashed out at Twitch for the platform's inconsistent punishments and hypocrisy after getting suspended for her revealing outfit. 


In a tweet TheDanDangler sent after the ban, she showed her allegedly ban-worthy outfit, which was a busty, black corset-style midriff-showing shirt and pants with holes cut out on the side. While not a conservative outfit by any means, the outfit was not as bad as other questionable outfits on stream, which TheDanDangler pointed out. 


In the same Twitter thread, TheDanDangler showed screenshots of infamous hot tub streamer Amouranth in a bikini, bending over in front of the camera. Amouranth has never been banned for wearing a bikini on stream, most likely due to the fact that she is in water. Other streamers have also copied this trend, wearing revealing bikinis during broadcasts. 



While not everyone likes TheDanDangler or her content, many couldn't deny the blatant inconsistencies within Twitch's policies and choices. In a later tweet, the streamer thanked people for the "amazing" support, noting that many people "had her back." 



Twitch denied her ban appeal but TheDanDangler was back on the platform earlier today. The suspension was not long at all but the fact it happened was enough for the streaming community to be in an uproar over the situation. 


Who is TheDanDangler?

The 25-year-old Detroit native started out as an Instagram influencer. She turned to Twitch because she also loves gaming, especially Call of Duty near the start of her streaming career. TheDanDangler got sponsors early on, solidifying her in the space even further. 


Going from model to Twitch streamer was an easy transition for TheDanDangler, although she has admitted in interviews that having a big following on Instagram was a bit addicting. TheDanDangler uses Twitch to play games and also share IRL experiences, making her a popular variety streamer. 


While posting saucy, explicit photos on her social media accounts has her seen as a controversial figure on Twitch, it's clear that she's built a following for herself. 

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