Amouranth billboards go viral, after mysteriously showing up across Los Angeles

Source: Amouranth

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Amouranth found herself featured on numerous billboards showing up across Los Angeles this week, resulting in her going viral once again. Amouranth posted about the billboards on Thursday afternoon, asking fans to send her pics of any of the "mysterious billboards" they see. There were reportedly several of these billboards, including at least one in the Hollywood area.



The now viral billboards say: "Amouranth on Only Fans? Available 24-seven, next wrist stop," referencing her OF success, as well as her part ownership of a 7-eleven with the "24-seven." Finally, the billboard copy ends with a rather crude reference to the suggestive nature of her content with "next wrist stop."


Based on the streamer's initial reaction, it seems as if the billboards were not ordered by the Amouranth, though this isn't confirmed. As an added incentive for sending her photos of the billboards, she even offered to give out free subscriptions to OF in exchange for people Tweeting the pictures. So whether she ordered the billboards or not, she is definitely capitalizing on this as a publicity stunt.



She gained significant traction in entertainment media and online due to the advertisements, though Amouranth hardly needs the extra publicity. She is the largest OF model in the world, and reportedly makes millions of dollars every month off her work as a model and as an ASMR Twitch streamer. 

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