Facebook/Meta executive fired after child sex sting operation

A man known as Jeren Andrew Miles, 35, who was employed at Meta/Facebook until this week, has allegedly been caught sending sexually explicit texts to a 13-year-old boy, as well as making plans for the boy to meet him at Le Meridien Columbus hotel. Miles, of Palm Springs California, was working as Manager of Community Development at Meta prior to the alleged incident coming to light.


The allegations against Miles stem from a video, which you can see below, posted by a group known as ‘Predator Catchers’, who posted a two hour long video to YouTube. In the video, they confront Miles with accusations that he was attempting to engage in a sexual relationship with a 13-year old boy, although there is no admission of such by Miles, or evidence that proves he has done so at any point.



During the video Miles does admit to having explicit and sexually graphic conversation with the boy. He claims that he never had any intention of meeting with the boy, although during the video he does admit to the fact he twice arranged to meet with the minor, to the point of even specifying a hotel and room number, but never intended to actually do so.


It appears that Miles lost his job at Meta as a result of the allegations, although Meta have not confirmed this or commented on the allegations which are not in any way legally proven. He admits to ‘talking sexual’ with children in the video, but states this is the first and only time he has ever done so. He also confirms his position with Meta/Facebook at the time of the recording being made, with the interviewer stating that he  ‘makes good money’, and his job is ‘huge’.


According to a report by Andy Ngo, Eric Schmutte, the man who recordied the live stream and is part of the "Predator Catchers Indianapolis," claimed that he was sending all evidence, including chat logs and video, to law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio and Palm Springs, California, where Miles apparently lives. No law enforcement officer of group appears to have commented on the story or confirmed any active investigation at the time of writing, and we will update this story to reflect any changes of that manner.


Previous situations such as this have failed to lead to convictions due to evidence being inadmissible, or even obtained by illegal means, and at this point there is no suggestion Miles has been charged with any crime in the US as a result of the video made by Predator Catchers. Miles, who was previously employed as Community Manager by Lyft, as well as serving on the board of directors for LGBTQ+ group Equality California, has since deleted his entire social media presence. 

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