Amouranth argues why she would "100%" beat Ninja in a fight

Source: Amouranth

Twitch streamer and professional model Amouranth made waves this week, after creating a tier list of streamers she can beat in a fight this week. In that list, she took shots at Ninja and Jessica Blevins, who have recently come under fire for threatening to sue Pokimane for defamation.


According to the streamer's hilarious roast of Ninja, "I would win 100% [in a fight] because he doesn't play with women. So, he would just walk out of the arena. I don't even have to try, I would just stand there and his wife would try to sue me."



In her roast of Ninja, she referenced a clip from 2018 where Ninja explained that he doesn't "play with female gamers." He claimed at that time that he refused to include women in order to avoid accusations of harassment or flirting, arguing that it would become "clickbait" forever if he did so. His refusal to play with women, however, has been predictably understood as a sexist stance, since he is openly only willing to play with men like himself.


Amouranth also referenced the previously mentioned threat that Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife, made against Pokimane a few weeks ago, after Pokimane quoted Ninja saying that he has reached out to Twitch to help JiDion get unbanned after he harassed Poki. While it seems that threat was idle, it hasn't stopped the internet from roasting Jessica Blevins, especially after she recently said in an interview that empathy is her "super power."



Ninja's team threatens to sue Pokimane for defamation


During the same fight tier list segment, Amouranth also argued she would beat Asmongold in a fight, since "his grind doesn't leave much time for fitness" whereas Amouranth spends a significant amount of her time staying in shape, arguing her stream is where she gets paid for work out. She also said she would defeat Hasan, not because she is stronger than him, but because he is "a simp, and might enjoy it."


All in all, Amouranth's roasts of other streamers were in good fun, though she should watch out, because Jessica Blevin's might take it upon herself to sue Amouranth for defamation after saying she could beat Ninja in a fight.

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