[LCK Today] KDF step up from last place, DRX defeat DK to collect 6th straight win


On Feb. 17, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Kwangdong Freecs faced Hanwha Life Esports and DWG KIA faced DRX. Kwangdong Freecs and Hanwha Life Esports fought to escape from last place. DWG KIA and DRX fought to secure 3rd place.


Hanwha Life Esports picked a late-game composition in game 1 with Gwen, Corki, and Jinx. Kwangdong Freecs punished them with their Lee Sin and Syndra, and Yoo "FATE" Soo-hyeok's Syndra collected three kills by the 11-minute mark. Park "Teddy" Jin-seong's Aphelios took care of his opponent bot duo as well. Although the global gold wasn't that far apart, when Kwangdong Freecs pounced on Hanwha Life Esports, fights went in Kwangdong Freecs' way. After slaying Baron and the Elder dragon, Kwangdong Freecs finished the game.



The draft went exactly the same in game 2. Both teams had the same picks and bans in the same order. Hanwha Life Esports seemed to be asserting that they weren't wrong. This time, Hanwha Life Esports took the lead after taking the second Rift Herald. They got ahead 4K gold at the 26-minute mark. However, Kwangdong Freecs' concentration at the dragon fight was unbelievable. As a result, it was Kwangdong Freecs who secured the Hextech dragon's soul. At the Elder dragon fight, Kim "Kiin" Gi-in and Teddy swept out their opponents. This was repeated at Baron, and Kwangdong Freecs were able to gain their third win of the season.



Although Ahri was hot in solo queue, she wasn't able to do much in the first game between DWG KIA and DRX. DRX drafted Ahri for Kim "Zeka" Geon-woo in game 1, but it didn't work against DWG KIA. It was DRX who went ahead in the beginning. Throughout the game, DRX kept pushing the sidelanes while DWG KIA made more macro decisions. They focused more on the mid lane and objectives. Although DRX pushed the sidelanes deeply, DWG KIA secured their mid lane turret with three dragon stacks. The game tilted towards DWG KIA at Baron. DRX attempted Baron after giving up a dragon, and they were torn apart by DWG KIA's poking. At the next Baron, DWG KIA went for a backdoor and ended the game.


DRX struck back in game 2. It was DWG KIA who took priority on the top side as they successfully ganked the top lane. Naturally, DWG KIA also took the Rift Herald. Although DRX took kills in the sidelanes, DWG KIA was still ahead. Especially, Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu's Diana scaled extremely well. However, DRX's main damage dealers started to scale well. In a mid lane teamfight, they had a massive win that turned the tables completely. After slaying Baron, DRX went through the bot lane and ended the game.



Early in game 3, DWG KIA moved around actively through lane priority. The bot duo in Aphelios and Karma made a 2K global gold lead. DRX hit back in the mid lane, as Hong "Pyosik" Chang-hyeon's Lee Sin took a detour to cut off Heo "ShowMaker" Su's Vex. Still, it was DWG KIA who took down the mid lane turret first. Moving forward, DWG KIA continued to pressure DRX and collected three dragon stacks. However, DRX managed to prevent DWG KIA from getting the dragon soul. DWG KIA made some mistakes on their own and the game went on longer. The last fight started at the 45-minute mark as DRX started hitting Baron. Unlike game 1, Ahri did her role well as Zeka's Ahri cut off Canyon before the fight began and it was DRX all the way. DRX collected their 6th consecutive win and placed themselves above DWG KIA in 3rd place.



2022 LCK Spring Split Feb. 17 Results


Hanwha Life Esports 0 - 2 Kwangdong Freecs



2022 LCK Spring Split Standings


1st T1 8-0 (+12)

2nd Gen.G 7-2 (+7)

3rd DRX 6-3 (+3)

4th DWG KIA 5-4 (+6)

5th KT Rolster 4-4 (+2)

6th Fredit BRION 3-6 (-5)

6th Nongshim RedForce 3-6 (-5)

8th Kwangdong Freecs 3-6 (-6)

9th Liiv SANDBOX 3-6 (-7)

10th Hanwha Life Esports 2-7 (-7)

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