Smash Ultimate Summit 4 reaches over $100K prize pool


Smash Ultimate Summit 4 is currently the talk of the Super Smash Bros. community. Top players, veteran pros, and fans from all over have been anxiously waiting to see who the last two crowdfunded participants will be. 


So far, things are shaping up to be one of the most intense Summit tourneys of all time for the Ultimate scene. With MkLeo, Sparg0, Elegant, Tweek, Tea, and Chag all qualified for the event, it will be intense to see these top players face invited players ProtoBanham, Gluttony, Light, and Dabuz. Maister and Fatality are among the crowdfunded players joining the fray. 


Meanwhile, Beyond the Summit has announced that the prize pool for Smash Ultimate Summit 4 has reached over $100,000. At over $108K, it's now one of the biggest Ultimate events of all time. The largest Ultimate event so far has been Ultimate Summit 3 in 2021, which raised $159,132.00. Smash World Tour was the second-highest prize pool for Ultimate at $75K. 


What really makes this record special, however, is that it's raised completely by the Smash community. the Summit events have continued to be a grassroots community tournament that showcases the top talent in Ultimate, making these events one of the highlights of each year. They really showcase just what Ultimate's community is all about. 



For many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, the moments leading up to Summit are some of the most stressful. Players are fighting for a spot in the event with streams, challenges, campaigns, and more.


Fatality, for example, had different incentives for different amounts of votes, including cooking and painting streams, cosplaying as Captain Falcon, and cutting his own hair (which resulted in him going almost completely bald). 



"At a lack of words right now," Maister said after getting voted into Ultimate Summit 4. "Finally, after two tough weeks of hard work, skits, streams, cosplays, videos... We did it." 



There are currently two crowdfunded spots left for Smash Ultimate Summit 4. Top Jigglypuff player BassMage is currently looking like a top contender thanks to support from Melee's Jigglypuff God Hungrybox. He endorsed BassMage after the Ultimate Jiggly got in the top 8 in a recent Coinbox tournament

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