Dutch police identify suspect in strangulation of livestreamer in Amsterdam

Source: Reydempto

Dutch authorities announced on Monday that they have identified a suspect in the case of Twitch streamer Reydempto who was strangled while livestreaming in Amsterdam over the weekend. While they have identified a possible suspect, the Dutch police are seeking further witnesses in the case.


A translation of the Tweet said: "In the investigation into this case, the detectives were able to identify a suspect, a 20-year-old man. Any witnesses to the incident are welcome here"



Reydempto was streaming from a public area in Amsterdam on Saturday night when he was approached by a man who put his arm around Reydempto. While at first Reydempto saw the interaction as friendly, the man suddenly grabbed his throat, while Reydempto demanded he let him go. The streamer collapsed a few moments later as the stream went dark. 



Reydempto is an American IRL streamer living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to the Dutch police report, the 35-year-old streamer was injured as a result of the strangulation. Based on streams that have taken place since then, however, Reydempto doesn't appear to have any major ongoing health issues as a result of the assault.

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