Cloud9 Berserker after loss to Team Liquid: "I guarantee a win next time I meet Hans sama."


When Cloud9's 2022 LCS roster assembled, top laner Park "Summit" Woo-tae was expected to be the team's primary carry. Instead, it was AD carry Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol, whose only previous competitive experience was in the LCK Challengers League, who lit up the stage in C9's first two wins of the 2022 LCS Spring Split. Berserker served as the primary damage dealer in C9's 2-0 week 1 and didn't die a single time against Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses.



C9 wasn't able to pull out the win in their first match of week 2 of the LCS Spring Split against Team Liquid, narrowly losing a back-and-forth banger of a match. After Cloud9's loss to Team Liquid, Berserker spoke to Inven Global about the differences in the North American competitive environment in comparison to South Korea and his thoughts on facing TL AD carry Steven "Hans sama" Liv. 



What was the game plan against Team Liquid? While you lost the game, you were close to winning it, so where do you think things went wrong?


We practiced compositions built around Irelia and Karthus as the core. We made a few blunders in bottom lane — getting ganked, getting dove, and whatnot. It's only been two weeks since we started playing together, so not only does the entire team need to have better synergy, Winsome and I specifically need to have better synergy, too.



When Cloud9 won their two games last week, you were the primary damage dealer in compositions featuring enchanters in the mid lane. Today, it was a much different look compositionally, so how did that change how you had to approach your role within the team?


Last week, I sort of got the spotlight alongside the resources, but this week, it was Fudge's turn, in a sense. The strategy was more focused around mid instead of bot.



While there was a bit less focus on bot in context of C9's composition, it was still exciting to see you match up against Team Liquid AD carry Steven "Hans sama" Liv. Even though he wasn't playing with starting support Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in, what was it like to play against Hans sama in the bot lane today?


I was really excited to play against Hans sama because he was regarded by many as one of the best AD carries in Europe last year and he's one of the best in North America now. This time, I took the L, but next time I will try my absolute best to beat him.



I interviewed Hans sama last week and he mentioned you by name when I asked who he's interested in facing. Was he the player you were looking to test yourself against, too?


Before this game, Hans sama and FBI were the two AD carries I wanted to play against the most. After today, considering 100 Thieves beat Team Liquid last week, I'm very excited to play against FBI.



You've been praised heavily by analysts for your play thus far. How are you feeling about your play individually after your first three games in the LCS?


I mean, I'm not the one watching my gameplay, I'm just the one playing, so to me, it kind of feels the same. That's about it.



You said the whole team has been in Los Angeles for two weeks now. What's it been like adjusting to a new region, a new team, and a new level of play simultaneously? How does the style of play differ in NA compared to South Korea?


When we were practicing in Korea, there was a lot more teamwide practice time. You were forced to practice more than in NA, where there is less obligatory practice time. The environment is so much more free, which I think is interesting. I have mixed thoughts about the freedom of the environment.



Champions Queue was just launched in North America. Have you had a chance to play in it, and how do you feel it compares to NA solo queue in terms of individual practice benefits?


*laughs* My solo queue ELO right now is Platinum, so yeah, Champions Queue is much better for me.



Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share ahead of your match against Immortals Progressive tomorrow?


*laughs* I'll try my best to win tomorrow...I wanted to try to say something more interesting than 'interview 101' but I just lost. How can I say anything interesting?



Fair enough! Is there anything you want to say to the Cloud9 fans, in that case?


I guarantee a win next time I meet Hans sama.

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