Will there be a Super Smash Bros. 6?


When Sakurai said that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was "finally over," the community was skeptical. It couldn't really be the end, could it? The Nintendo Switch still has a few years left in it... Why not make more money on more Smash DLC? And why not make another Smash game for the next system? 


Well, the Super Smash Bros. community may have been right after all. 

Sakurai says he isn't done with Super Smash Bros. 

There have been some conflicting interviews with Sakurai. At one point, the Smash creator said he was done with Smash forever. But the next moment, Sakurai is stating that he is open to another Smash but that it can't be as extensive as the current one. 


Sakurai told The Verge last year: "I think we’ve reached the limit, at least in terms of volume of content and fighters. Basically, if I were to have the opportunity to work on another Super Smash Bros. game, that means we would have to shrink the roster, but we need to think about whether fans would be pleased about that."


In the same interview, Sakurai noted that he would need to be less involved if another Smash game were to be released.


While he didn't come and say that another Smash game is inevitable, it seems that it's something Sakurai and his team have talked about. It's something that has been discussed. 

Will Super Smash Bros. 6 be on the Nintendo Switch?

It's possible another Smash game is coming but fans are still unclear when it would come out. But some feel it would launch on whatever console Nintendo releases next.


If we follow the pattern of the series thus far, a new Smash title comes out for each console. The Nintendo 64, the GameCube, the Wii, the Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch all had their own Smash releases. It would be quite shocking if Nintendo chose to not put a Smash game on the next console when it's one of their best-selling games of all time. 


But when is the next console even coming? 


Nintendo's President, Shuntaro Furakawa, said in February of last year that the Nintendo Switch is in the "middle" of its cycle. Since the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017, it seems that the next console is estimated to be released in early 2025. Of course, it's not possible to know quite yet if the Nintendo Switch will outlast predictions and if the next console will even include a new Smash title. 

What characters would be in Super Smash Bros. 6?

This is another unfortunate mystery to the Super Smash Bros. community. 


However, Sakurai has discussed this topic many times. According to the exhausted and overworked game creator, Ultimate's giant roster was very ambitious and he doesn't see a roster that immense coming in the future. Ultimate reached the "limit." 


Still, Sakurai added that he wouldn't want to disappoint fans with anything lackluster. It's highly unlikely a new Smash would have a tiny roster but it's not yet clear what the size of the roster would actually be. It's also not certain which current characters would make the cut, although we can easily predict Mario will be in it. 


It would be very difficult for the next Smash to cut existing characters since it could be someone's main. It would also be a letdown if the roster was smaller. While Sakurai is definitely in need of rest right now, it's possible that he will return even stronger after this break and ensure everyone is back — along with even more. This definitely seems more in line with Sakurai's current personality. 


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