Asmongold breaks his viewership record again, breaking 420k viewers

OTK Twitch streamer Asmongold broke his viewership record for the second time in a week on Friday, topping 420,000 viewers in a over 8 hours stream. His record viewership took place while he was waiting for Lost Ark's official western launch to kick-off, before he could even play the game. 


Asmongold set his previous best viewership record on Wednesday, topping 285,000 viewers during his comeback Twitch stream after taking 4 months hiatus from his main account following the tragic death of his mother. Due to his highly popular stream earlier this week, he helped propel Lost Ark to over a million views across the Twitch platform.


Asmongold attempted to log onto the western launch of Lost Ark on Friday, however, Lost Ark has some deployment issues causing a delay of the launch. Many people, including Asmongold, noticed tat they had characters missing, leading to Lost Ark taking the servers offline and causing a further delay of the official launch.  



Asmongold even acknowledged how crazy his views were, including mentioning that he couldn't even read his chat because of how much it was "popping off."  The streamers success speaks to both the renewed interest in his return, as well as the massive interest in the newly release Lost Ark MMORPG, that has taken the internet by storm over the past week.

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