Jessica Blevins will step down as Ninja's manager following Pokimane lawsuit threat

Source: Jessica Blevins/Facebook

Tyler "Ninja" Blevin's wife Jessica Blevins announced over the weekend that she is officially stepping down from her position as Ninja's manager. The decision comes after Blevins threatened to sue Imane "pokimane" Anys over Pokimane calling out Ninja for supporting Jidon "JiDion" Adams, the streamer who at the time was harassing Poki and her fans. 



The streamer confirmed the news in an interview with Sportify It, the article that she also Tweeted out over the weekend.


She told Sportify It: "We’re realizing that there will come a time, and it may come sooner rather than later, that I won’t be his manager anymore. [...] But with how much I’m doing there’s going to be a time where we need to hire a manager that we can trust.  Someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps team Ninja like I have done and I can focus on my own stuff and take a step back."


Blevins recently landed in hot water with the online community, following her sending a DM to Pokimane threatening to hit her with a defamation lawsuit over repeating Ninja's own claim that he sent an email to a Twitch rep to try to get JiDion unbanned. Ninja later backtracked that claim in separate DMs to Poki, while at the same time his manager and wife Jessica was sending threatening DMs. However, so far, no actual lawsuit has been announced, though the threat did cause a significant backlash against Ninja and his team.


Despite the apparent relationship between that lawsuit threat and her plans to soon step down as manager, Blevins spun the situation as a positive in her interview with Sportify It, saying, "Over the last year I’ve been growing my brand similar to what I did with Tyler. I have a PR team. I signed with CAA.  Before I was focusing on Tyler, so now I’m focusing on my brand simultaneously.”


It is unclear if the internet will accept Jessica Blevin's bold claim that she is herself now an influencer with a significant fanbase.

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