Overwatch 2 beta could be coming very soon as Overwatch continues to die


An Overwatch 2 beta is possibly closer than we once believed. 


Overwatch 2 has been delayed multiple times after its initial 2019 announcement. Blizzard attempted to keep interest afloat by showing off character designs and new game modes in 2020 but fans started to feel it wasn't enough to justify purchasing another whole game. In 2021, Blizzard showed off some hero reworks to better fit with the new 5v5 team compositions, another ho-hum update that still didn't answer the real question: Is Overwatch 2 actually happening? Is it worth it? 


Blizzard was too busy dealing with legal problems and fan backlash due to gender discrimination and harassment allegations to bother dealing with the Overwatch 2 thing for most of 2021. A lot of fans even speculated that the game was being secretly canceled due to a lack of developers. Overwatch was not getting any real updates and it just seemed like Blizzard was ready to move onto other projects, even after being purchased by Microsft. 


But now it seems like Overwatch 2 wasn't so dead after all. 

Is Overwatch 2 happening? Leakers say yes and soon

Earlier today, some players saw some interesting changes within the developer server build that made them wonder if Overwatch 2 would be going live in the very near future. 


According to OverwatchNaeri, "Overwatch 2.0" and "Demo 2" have been updated onto the Battle.net developer server. The leaker explained that it was done in the same manner that World of Warcraft expansion packs are listed on the developer server. This has led many to feel confident that the Overwatch 2 beta is coming soon. 



Many Overwatch content creators (there are Overwatch content creators left?) have been getting invited to private developer meetings that have left them feeling positive about Overwatch 2. But the general public is still skeptical despite seeing some gameplay and new content. 


There have been some rumors that the beta is coming in February, including some leaks from these secret meetings. This screenshot from OverwatchNaeri seem to be pointing at this possibility as well. The real question at this point is: Do Overwatch players even care that the beta is coming?

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