DRX Zeka: "Corki is broken. Even if top and bot lanes lose,Corki can turn the game around."


On Jan. 29, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, DRX swept KT Rolster 2-0 and took their third straight win. In the center of the match were Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s Jinx and Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo’s Corki. The two had a great performance in the two games and were voted as Players of the Games. After the match, they joined Lee Jeong-hyun for an interview.



You’re on a 3-game winning streak. How do you feel?


Deft: Obviously, the winning streak feels good. I’m also happy that I won both games on Jinx, one of my favorite champions.


Zeka: All I did today was just collect CS well. I’m happy that I won thanks to my teammates.


Could we say that DRX is up and back to form?


Zeka: We still have a lot to show, but I think we can say it’s the beginning.


How is Jinx in the current meta?


Deft: If some champions are banned, Jinx can be used as a tier-1 champion, but today’s comp was a bit difficult. Fortunately, the game went well, so it was fun.


With your win today, your record on Jinx is 45 wins and 4 losses. What does Jinx mean to you?


Deft: It isn’t that special to me, but I like her since I win whenever I play Jinx. [Laughs]


Even after giving up Caitlyn and Lux in game 1, you dominated the lane. Did you predict the game would go that way?


Deft: Frankly, I thought we would be shoved in, but BeryL started fights well and avoided skillshots even better. That’s why we were able to play well.


How did BeryL react about facing Ghost?


Deft: I don’t think he gave that much thought. BeryL doesn’t really care about who he faces. He just did well as he used to play.


Kingen picked the first Akshan in the LCK. How did he get picked?


Zeka: Kingen played Akshan a lot since it was released. He said that he wants to play Akshan first in the LCK, so he practiced playing him into Graves.


When Kingen said he wants to play Akshan, did you and your teammates agree?


Zeka: Since Kingen’s extremely good at Akshan, we all trusted him and agreed.


You picked a poking comp with Jayce and Corki in game 2. What synergy did you expect them to have with Jinx?


Deft: Our comp had a long range, and there was Tahm Kench that could save us in dangerous situations. Also, the opponent didn’t have a clear initiating champion, so we went with the comp.


Zeka: Corki is really OP, although its laning is a bit weak. However, I thought Corki would still be strong in the late game even if I were to give up two solo kills, so I played it.


Some fans are saying the poking comp is the best in the current meta.


Zeka: It’s not poking. It’s just that Corki is broken. Even if top and bot lanes lose, if it can collect enough CS, Corki can turn the game around.


(To Deft) You stole the Rift Herald with your ult in game 2. How could you hit the bull’s eye so well?


Deft: You need to keep checking the opponent's situation. Jinx’s ult cooldown is quite short, so if you just fire away without thinking, it hits well.


Did you think you’d be able to steal Shelly?


Deft: Before that, we talked about what we could give up. The Rift Herald was one of the things that we could give up. I thought we wouldn’t be able to get the Rift Herald, so I just shot my ult without thinking, but it hit well.


In game 1, you built Galeforce, but in game 2, you built Kraken Slayer. What was the reason?


Deft: I was supposed to take Cleanse in game 1, but since I didn’t, I picked Galeforce which could allow me to play more aggressively in lane. In game 2, our comp had a long range, so I built Kraken Slayer to strike back any champions that come in deep.


You’ll be facing KT Rolster after the break. How do you think it’ll go?


Deft: Rascal has been doing really well recently. I think it’ll be interesting if he goes up against Kingen. If they fight well, I’ll try to win in bot lane.


Zeka: KT Rolster had a great 2-0 victory against Gen.G today. I think I should watch out for Aria-san.

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