Nick Mercs is officially going pro in Apex Legends, recruits Snip3down to his team

Source: FaZe Clan

FaZe streamer Nick Mercs confirmed this week that he is officially locked in to compete on the ALGS pro circuit, and he has recruited Snip3down and yaboydeeds to join his squad for the event. The tournament is scheduled to take place in late February and will be the streamer's first professional competition in Apex Legends since making the full-time switch to Apex in 2021, after becoming disillusioned with the embattled Warzone.



The announcement comes after Nick Mercs has already been teasing the idea of competing on the ALGS circuit for several months. While it was initially just a fun idea, the idea became a reality this week, as he took to recruiting in earnest. He sent out a Tweet on Monday, looking for his final team member to join himself and deeds, with Snip3down replying with a thinking face. Both players are affiliated with FaZe, after Snip3down recently jumped from TSM Apex to join the FaZe Halo team.


The upcoming ALGS tournament will serve as an opportunity for Nick Mercs to prove himself against those like ImperialHal, who claims that Mercs' success in Apex is unrelated to any talent Mercs has. On multiple occasions, TSM ImperialHal, former teammate to Snip3down, has suggested the Mercs is only able to win in predator lobbies because he is carried by his teammates. Soon those claims will be put to the test in pro competition.


While Nick Mercs has been an entertainer and streamer in primarily Battle Royale games for the past several years, he does originally come from a professional competitive background. He made his name originally playing Gears of War and Halo in a professional compacity, including having multiple run-ins with Ninja during those years. He was an early adopter of Justin.TV, having streamed on the platform, which eventually became Twitch, since 2010. He also competed in numerous Fortnite events at the height of that game's popularity. Now he will return to the pro stage once again, in Apex Legends.

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