DRX BeryL on facing Ghost: "There's nothing special - it's like facing any other player."


Even when most players are picking utility supports like Karma, Yuumi, and Janna, Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee has still been going for tanky champions. During their losing streak, BeryL’s strengths weren’t seen much, but with their win against Fredit BRION, his performance started to shine again. Picking Nautilus and Tahm Kench, BeryL aided DRX’s second straight victory.



It’s your second consecutive win after the three-game losing streak. How do you feel?


Fredit BRION had a good performance against the strong teams. I thought our match today would be tiring, but fortunately, we won easier than I expected.


In game 2, you picked Tahm Kench. How was the process?


I’ve been playing Tahm Kench in solo queue, and I felt that he’s become much stronger. In today’s game, it was ideal to pick Tahm Kench. There were several advantages like helping the ADC survive. Also, many supports were banned, so Tahm Kench was the most decent pick.


When UmTi’s Xin Zhao was preparing an ambush in the bot brush, you were controlling the wave. Were you aware of him?


Our top and mid lanes had priority, so the bot lane needed to be careful. To maintain our advantage, we concentrated on controlling the waves until we knew where the opponent jungler is.


We heard that Deft held a meeting to talk to the players during your losing streak.


Our performance was bad during those games. In each game, we made bad plays at least once. So we talked about the parts we’re discontent about in our plays and sought ways to improve them. After that, our performance improved little by little.


DRX’s main laners’ seemed to be playing much better. What changed?


I don’t think anything really changed. I believe we got our result today because our laners picked champions that they’re good at.


It seems your ability to initiate teamfights shine more when DRX’s main laners scaled well. Today’s fights were hot. How is the support meta?


At the beginning of the spring season, people said that the mage support meta is here. But when you take a look at other regions like the LPL, some still prefer tank supports. I thought it’d be good if there was a champion that could initiate, so I took that role. When we play mage supports, we need to play the laning phase very tight. The jungle-mid communication becomes more important as well and the four players, jungle, mid, bot, and support has much more to think about.


In the previous match between Gen.G and Kwangdong Freecs, Janna was picked. What do you think about that?


A lot of champions are appearing in the current meta now, so it depends on the team’s or player’s style. Janna’s ability to take care of her teammates has improved now. I think they picked her because they don’t need to play the game as fast as other mage supports.


Your next opponent is Nongshim RedForce, and you’ll be facing your old bot lane buddy, Ghost. How does it feel?


Nongshim RedForce seems to be playing well. After that match, the Lunar New Year’s break will begin. I want to start the break in a good mood. As for facing Ghost, there’s nothing special - it’s like facing any other player.


Nongshim RedForce support Peter has been doing well. How do you think he is?


Just watching him play, I don’t know how good he is. I think I’ll know when I face him.


Any last comments?


I’m happy that we won two straight games. I’ll work hard so that we could keep up the good flow.

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