GEN Lehends: "Many people think that I pick unconventional champions, but I always make the best choice in the given situation."


On Jan. 26, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G swept Kwangdong Freecs 2-0 and collected their 5th win of the season. With the win, they’ve returned to 1st place. In game 2 of the match, Son “Lehends” Si-woo picked Janna, a champion that hasn’t been picked in the LCK in almost a year. After the match, Lehends joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Since we returned to 1st place through today’s win, I feel really good.


You’ve played many unique support picks. Last time, it was Singed. This time, it was Janna. Why did you pick Janna today?


I thought Janna was the best choice in that situation. I’m able to play any champion depending on the situation. There are different strengths for every champion, so I try to use those strengths as much as possible.


So could you play things like support Jinx?


That, I can’t do. The guys would kill me. [Laughs]


What’s Janna’s strength in this patch?


In previous versions, Janna had strong laning and was alright in the late game. Now, Janna becomes more and more versatile in the late game.


It seemed that you only used your ult once, to push away the Rift Herald.


I thought we’d be able to prevent the Rift Herald from hitting the turret, so I used it. I also used it in mid lane, when Akali was charging at Aphelios, but that wasn’t as impactful, so it looked as if I didn’t use it.


What was the reason you chose Gen.G? How satisfied are you with the team?


I’ve respected Ruler from before, so that was one of the factors that affected my decision. Thankfully, the team wanted me as well, so I was able to join Gen.G. As for my satisfaction, it’s the best.


You’ve been reunited with your former Griffin teammates. How are they after two years?


They feel the same to me. I think their prowesses have improved much more than before.


Rating yourself on Singed and Janna, how well do you think you played?


I think my Singed was about 50% and my Janna was 75%. There isn’t much to do with Janna. I just need to stay back and not die.


Will you be picking these unique champions in the future as well?


If necessary, yes. There’s one thing people should know about me. Many people think that I pick unconventional champions, but I always make the best choice in the given situation. There are reasons I pick those champions.


Are there more surprising picks left in your pocket?


In my standards, it wouldn’t be surprising, but in normal standards, yes, there are a lot of picks that people would be surprised by.


After you won playing Singed, you were talking with Ruler for a while. What did you discuss?


I apologized to Ruler for making mistakes in the early game. Ruler said everything was alright and we mostly talked about how we’d play next time.


The Asian Games will be held this year. The bot duo could be picked together. Will you be aiming for the event?


As a player, obviously, I want to go. I hope I can go with Ruler.


Are there any rookies that you’re keeping an eye on?


Since I’m a support, I tend to look at other supports. In that regard, I think Peter is really good. Last time, he made amazing plays playing Alistar. I thought to myself that he's an interesting rookie.


Your next match will be against KT Rolster. How do you think it’ll go?


I think KT is a strong team as well. We won’t be too proud and we’ll work hard as if it’s just the beginning. Please cheer for us.

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