VALORANT player banned for using wallhack in official VCT match


A pro VALORANT player has been banned after cheating during a VALORANT Champions Tour match. 


Vietnamese player Tất Cẩm “Nomsenpai” Khôn has been banned for one year and his team, Ice Cee Jay Too, has been disqualified from the VCT APAC 2022 as well due to an incident on Haven during the VCT 2022 State One: Vietnam Open Qualifiers. 


A video has shown evidence of Nomsenpai cheating. He is about to enter Garage from Chamber when he attempts to shoot a Jett player on the opposing team. Observers noticed Nomsenpai aiming blindly at an Astra who isn't visible as she makes her way towards C Site. The video showed that there was no way that Nomsenpai could have known she was behind the wall. 



As evidence against Nomsenpai added up, Riot Games decided to investigate the matter. Cheating is, of course, against the rules. After looking at the video and other evidence, Riot Games declared that Nomsenpai will be banned from Riot competitions starting January 26 until 2023. Ice Cee Jay Too will not be able to compete until Stage Two of the 2022 VCT Circuit. 


According to an official release on the matter, Riot Games stated that Nomsenpai violated section 7.2.5 of the VALORANT Champions Tour policy. 7.2.5 states: "Cheating is prohibited. Any medication of the VALORANT game client by a team or team member is prohibited. The use of any kind of cheating device or cheat program shall be deemed cheating." 



Viewers have determined that Nomsenpai was using a wallhack of some sort, allowing him to see opponents that are hiding behind walls. This gives him and his teammates a very unfair advantage. 

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