SquidCraft Games sets new Twitch Rivals record at over 2 million concurrent viewers

The Twitch Rivals: SquidCraft Games ft Komanche, a Spanish language Twitch rivals competition featuring a popular Minecraft mod based on Netflix's Squid Game series, has been absolutely dominating Twitch viewership the past five days. The 6-day event peaked at over 2 million concurrent viewers on Monday and drew over 15 million hours watched over the course of the event, as of writing this article, making it the most popular Twitch Rivals event of all time.



The Squidcraft Twitch Rivals competition is hosted by streamer Komanche, as well as Auronplay who created the Minecraft mod. The event saw 150 primarily Spanish-speaking content creators enter into a competition to win $100,000 for whoever survives all the games. With over 2 million viewers for the event on the final day, it has set a new record for Twitch Rivals events, defeating the previous record set only a few days ago by the same Squidcraft competition.



The tournament held the top six most viewed channel spots on Monday, with elxokas hosting over 1.2 million viewers on his own while playing the game, a record for Minecraft viewership.



The online multiplayer Minecraft mod is modeled off Netflix's incredibly popular Korean drama Squid Game. The series, and subsequently the mod, hosts a series of elimination-style games, with losers being eliminated from the competition permanently. The Finals for the Twitch Rivals event began on Monday, with millions of viewers tuning in to see who of the remaining 24 contestants would walk home with the 100k USD prize.


The popularity of the Twitch Rivals: SquidCraft Games not only speaks to the power of community-driven competitions on Twitch, but also to the increasing market demand for Spanish-speaking streamers. The Spanish-speaking market on Twitch has expanded rapidly over the past few years, and based on the popularity of this latest event, the growth is showing no signs of slowing down. 

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