DK Canyon about the Asian Games: "It’ll be a big honor just being able to go...If I am given the chance, I’ll grab it."


On Jan.22, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, DWG KIA defeated Fredit BRION to rise back from their two consecutive losses. It was a clean 2-0 sweep for DWG KIA. In the match, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu had a great performance playing Diana and Jarvan IV. He was voted as the Player of the Game for game 1. After the match, Canyon joined the press room to talk to the media.



You lost two straight games after winning your first match. How do you feel about today’s win?


When we watched Fredit BRION’s previous matches, they were really good. So I tried to stay alert as we began. I’m happy that we did well through the games and won.


What was the problem in the games you lost?


We had the advantage in our match against Gen.G, but I got too excited in the late game. That led to a big mistake. We lost because of that, and I think that loss affected our performance in our match against Nongshim RedForce as well. I’ve been trying to get back to myself and work hard.


In previous matches, DWG KIA seemed to be heavily reliant on ShowMaker and Canyon. It wasn’t as much today, but do you feel pressure from all the high expectations towards you?


I’d be lying if I said there’s no pressure. I do feel a bit of pressure, but I’m trying hard to keep myself calm. I believe that my teammates are equally good as well. We just need to build better teamwork and synergy. If we do, we could beat all the strong teams as well.


You’ve been playing well on Diana. What do you think about Diana in the current meta?


There aren’t many jungle-carry picks in the meta right now, but Diana is one of the carry picks. Usually, the team that picked Diana can play more comfortably, so I think she’s a good champion.


How was the feedback after the losses?


We weren’t that down and we tried to keep the atmosphere bright altogether. When we lost to Nongshim RedForce, we fell because of a small early mistake, so the feedback was about staying alert and not making big mistakes in the early-mid game. If the game is blown at that point, it’s hard to overcome it later on.


Your upcoming matches aren’t that easy. You’ll be facing Hanwha Life Esports and T1 before the Lunar New Year break. How will you prepare?


Week 3 will be a very difficult week. We’ll be preparing well as we did and we’ll try to improve the parts we lack.


The Asian Games will be in September. You’re one of the favorites to be picked on the national team. What do you think about playing there?


I think it’ll be a big honor just being able to go. If I can go, I’ll work really hard. If I am given the chance, I’ll grab it.


Any last comments?


I’d like to thank the fans that cheer for us. Although we lost two straight games, we’ve been working hard together to improve. I’ll make sure we don’t worry you and we’ll return with a better performance.

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