Amouranth opens up about sex life: "I'm actually very inexperienced"

Source: Amouranth


From hot tub streams to wardrobe malfunctions to licking microphones, Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is most well-known for her suggestive antics. 


But in a recent interview, Amouranth revealed that her online persona doesn't reflect her actual lifestyle. Amouranth discussed her career and dating life with Anthony Padilla, bringing up very shocking insight about her bedroom antics — or lack of. 



Padilla asked Amouranth what a common misconception was about her. She said she's actually not a "sexual goddess." Padilla pretended to be shocked and horrified, even jokingly walking away from the interview. 


Continued Amouranth: "I'm actually very inexperienced sexually. I've had, like, one partner before. So my body count is really low. People always expect it to be high." 


While Amouranth is comfortable showing skin online, she said she actually doesn't "do hookups," apologizing to her fans with a laugh. 



This revelation will most likely have fans shocked and curious. It's safe to assume they will wonder who the one partner was. But in reality, all of this information is none of the public's business. It's surprising that Amouranth's sex life is even a topic to be discussed but if she is comfortable discussing the topic, more power to her. 

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