Super Smash Bros. pros react to Brawlhalla $1.32 million prize pool


The Super Smash Bros. community is salty. 


While that's not news, the reason behind the salt is: Brawlhalla has just announced the largest fighting game prize pool in the world. Brawlhalla's seventh competitive season is kicking off with a $1.32 million prize pool. 


The hefty prize pool is spread across all regions. There will be four seasonal championships, the Omen Oasis Championship, a Crew Battle Invitational, the very first Japan Invitational, the Midseason Invitational, and — of course — the Brawlhalla World Championship. 



Every seasonal championship features a $100,000 prize pool. The World Championship will feature a $500,000 prize pool. This is definitely an exciting year for Brawlhalla players. But most of the tweets on the TL are from Smash players who have been competing for pennies in comparison. 


Super Smash Bros. pros disappointed in low prize pools

When Ludwig announced his $30,001 Melee tournament, it instantly shot up the top 10 Smash prize pools in history. He previously hinted at a possible $1 million tournament, which would be the biggest in the existence of Smash but nothing has been said about this lofty goal since. 


So far, Smash Summit 11 has the biggest prize pool known to Smash at a bit over $150,000. Most of this money was raised by fans. The lack of support from Nintendo has left Smash the underdog of the esports scene. 



A lot of Smash fans criticized Brawlhalla for "needing" a large prize pool to even get attention. Meanwhile, Smash gets more viewership. But Smash pros don't really care about that argument, with many speaking up about the lack of prize support. Many pros — especially in Melee — put in full-time hours when it comes to practicing and studying the game. Yet many will win just a few thousand unless they are the best player in the world. 


MKLeo recently won $20,000 by winning the Smash World Tour, the largest Smash event of the year. That was one of the largest prizes to a single player in Smash recently. Zomba got only $4,000 for getting in fourth.


Mainstage 2021 had a prize pool that was just a bit over $8,000. Smash Con was a little over $7,600, with Light taking $3,400 for winning the entire thing. He even had to fight back up Loser's and beat Sparg0 twice. I almost deserved $3,400 just for watching that tense run. 


This is clearly nowhere near the Brawlhalla prize pools going into the 2022 season. Right now, Smash players will have to see if Nintendo truly comes through with a circuit. But even if Nintendo does... At what cost? 

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