Ludwig announces online Smash tournament after Genesis 8 delay

Source: Ludwig Aghren

According to an announcement on Ludwig Aghren's social media, the popular streamer will be hosting an online tournament for Super Smash Bros. 


Ludwig's update was a response to Genesis 8 — one of the biggest Super Smash Bros. tournaments of all time — being postponed to mid-April from its previously planned date of Jan. 28. Ludwig's tournament will start on Jan 29.  The event will feature a $30,001 prize pool, with a $1 entry fee. 



Those organizing Genesis 8 decided to delay the event because of COVID-19 and operational concerns. In a statement on Genesis Gaming's website,  the TOs explained: "The safety of our attendees is priority number one for us. When someone buys a ticket for Genesis, we have an obligation as organizers to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending our event [...] In spite of all the extra safety precautions we have planned, we still don't think we can provide a reasonably safe event in these circumstances."


Fortunately, Smash players looking to compete in a meaningful tournament can take part in Ludwig's online event instead. 


This upcoming tournament will not be Ludwig's first time hosting a Smash Bros. tournament. He has hosted three iterations of the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series — a string of online tournaments featuring some of the largest prize pools in the game's history.


In the past, entry into Ludwig's tournaments were restricted to those that qualified or were invited. No official information has been released on if this announced tournament will be the same. The $30,001 prize pool pushes it past every other event Ludwig has hosted, as well as in the top 10 largest prize pools in Melee's history. 

Source: Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series


Genesis has long been one of the largest tournament series in Super Smash Bros. The event has been an important occasion for players in Melee, as well as Ultimate and others. No details have been released on if Ludwig's plans pertain only to Melee — historically the only game in the franchise he has been actively involved with. 

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