Ethan Klein reveals cost to get Nikocado Avocado to appear on H3H3 Podcast


H3H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein recently opened up about the cost of getting controversial mukbang YouTuber Nikocado Avocado featured on the podcast. 


Nikocado Avocado has been a heavily discussed YouTuber as of late, notorious for overreating despite alleged health complications from rapid weight gain. Previously a thin, seemingly happy vegan, Nikocado Avocado has since become famous for dramatic outbursts, unhealthy arguments with his partners, and humiliating himself on OnlyFans and in YouTube videos. 


It's easy to see why Klein was hoping to get Nikocado onto his podcast. Klein even stated in a recent video that he was hoping the mukbanger would drop the act and get a bit more real on the H3H3 Podcast. But it was apparently a big project to get Nikocado to agree to the podcast episode. 


H3H3 discusses Nikocado Avocado's insane demands

Nikocado made his own video discussing the potential podcast episode, accusing Klein of a few petty things. One of the big issues, however, seemed to be money. According to Nikocado, Klein's fans have been telling him he is "lucky" to even be considered to be on the H3H3 Podcast. 


"Obviously, they want to ask about my weight... They are acting like this is going to be a sit-down Oprah monumental, profound, groundbreaking interview. He ain't Oprah. I actually even question Oprah's interviewing skills these days," Nikocado Avocado said. 


Instead, Nikocado Avocado said that the podcast will most likely be a mockery of him, taunting him about his weight and how he's "mental." While Nikocado obviously agreed to be subjected to this theorized treatment, he said that he only would if he was paid. But apparently Klein felt he was asking too much, calling him a "diva." 



Klein explained that he's never had to pay for a guest to appear on the H3H3 Podcast, not even "A-list celebrities." While he does pay for some accommodations, like a hotel, he has never paid for someone's time. But Nikocado Avocado wanted that and a lot more — he wanted Klein to pay for his flight, hotel, and time. 


According to Klein, Nikocado Avocado asked for $15,000. 


"Listen, I like you and I want to make this happen, come on, bruh," Klein said. "We negotiated and decided on $5,000. Don't tell him but I would have paid him $15K if he held out. Don't tell him that though." 


But that wasn't it. Nikocado Avocado also asked for two bowls of candy in his hotel room. But one bowl was to only have blue M&Ms while the other could only contain red Starbursts. Klein admitted that he had staff working on doing this for the food-obsessed celebrity guest. 


"God knows how many tens of thousands he's going to make off this interview," Nikocado Avocado responded. "[If you want to talk to me] then pay!" 


Despite the controversy over compensation, Klein is still excited to talk to Nikocado Avocado. He stated that he has a lot to learn from him and is hoping to have some meaningful conversations. There will most likely be a lot of drama and highlight-worthy moments in this episode. 

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