DisguisedToast claims he DMCA struck himself as a publicity stunt

Source: DisguisedToast

DisguisedToast, who was hit with a DMCA ban earlier this week while watching anime, claimed on Wednesday that he actually plotted to DMCA strike himself in order "to scare people from watching anime." He made the claim in the stream directly following his unbanning Wednesday night, showing a message string with fellow streamer LilyPichu plotting the ban, and then advertising his upcoming merch drop.


Toast proudly showed off a text chain with LilyPichu, asking her to strike him during his recent stream, but not to tell anyone, so that he could scare them about watching copyrighted anime on stream. The streamer played some of Lily's music on the stream so she could file a DMCA strike against him for it, which people predictably interpreted as a DMCA strike for the anime.


Right after announcing that he planned the DMCA takedown, he showed off his new hoodie merch, saying, "why did I do this? I was just bored. It's not like I have anything to advertise... this is a pretty nice hoodie huh? It's so comfortable."


He went on to call his dubious dealings a "big brain" move while acting like he had done something clever. Toast's claim, advertising, and attitude sparked outrage from many online, who felt misled by the streamer, who used this stunt to gain clout for his new merchandise line. 

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