The Pokemon TCG community prepares to touch grass after Pokemon TCGO goes offline for maintenance

Source: Pokemon


Competitive Pokemon TCG players are sweating bullets now that the Pokemon TCG Online game client and server is down. 


On January 11, the Pokemon TCG Online game client and server were put into maintenance, according to a staff member. The reason is that infrastructure upgrades need to be applied in order to support account migration for the upcoming Pokemon TCG Live app. 


During this process, tournaments will remain inactive. 


Prominent members of the Pokemon TCG community were not happy with the news. Many were put on copium to deal with their inability to play the Pokemon TCG Online, which is where most people practice the card game, trade virtual cards, and attend online tournaments. It also makes streaming tough for Pokemon TCG content creators. 



What is the Pokemon TCG Live app? 

The Pokemon TCG Live app is a highly-anticipated update to virtual Pokemon TCG. It is a mobile version of Pokemon TCGO that allows players to practice, compete, and trade cards on their phone. There will be custom avatars and daily challenges as well. 


Pokemon TCG Live will be launching in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. The goal is to connect as many Pokemon players from around the world as possible. 



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