FLY toucouille to FlyQuest fans: "I hope you enjoy this time with us."

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Many new faces have joined the LCS for the 2022 season, and among them is FlyQuest's new mid laner Loïc "toucouille" Dubois. After excelling as the starting mid laner for LFL squad GameWard in a season highlighted by being named the 2021 LFL Spring Split MVP, toucouille has crossed the Atlantic Ocean to make his major league debut in North America. A few days before the start of the 2022 LCS Lock In, toucouille sat down with Inven Global for his first solo interview as an LCS pro.



Since this is your first interview with Inven Global, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your personal path that led you to professional League of Legends competition?


Sure. Basically, I'm 20 right now, but I started playing video games when I was really young. I started playing League of Legends in season 4 because I had friends who were playing it and they introduced me to the game. I started grinding in Solo Queue a bit, and I really liked the game when I first played. I grinded a lot and hit Master in season 6. That's when I realized that I could do esports; that it could be a career.



Because of your elite performance last spring, did you feel that, at the time, it was a possibility you could be on a major region team in the near future?


At that time, I knew I was doing well and that as long as I played well, that is what would matter. The team I was on didn't have a lot of success, but I still managed to keep a good level. I just wanted to do my best for the team and do my best individually. In between the two splits last year, I got tryouts for LEC, and I did pretty well. This is when I realized I was at the level to where I could compete in the LEC or the LCS.



Were you fielding multiple offers in the off-season?


I had LEC tryouts in the off-season and I had some offers in both LEC and LCS. In the end, I chose FlyQuest because I really liked the project as a whole. I had good vibes from the coach and the team, so I went for it.



In your interview with Laure Valée, you mentioned that a big reason in signing with FlyQuest was how you were able to grow familiar with the org throughout the signing process. In comparison to other organizations you've received offers from, what made FlyQuest feel comfortable enough to sign a contract?


First, I got really good feedback when I asked people about FlyQuest. They were telling me that they treated their players very well and that it was a really nice organization, so that was a really big point. Also, Sharkz is the coach and he competed in ERLS like me as recently as two years ago, so when something came on, we could talk about the games and stuff. I had really good vibes because his team was really good back then.



In an interview with Oracle's Elixir's Tim Sevenhyusen, Sharkz and FlyQuest GM Nick Phan said re-building around your signing and jungler Brandon Joel "Josedeodo" Villegas was the cornerstone of FlyQuest's offseason plan. Does knowing this put any extra pressure on you to perform?


Obviously, there is pressure, but I wanted this to happen. I want to be a main part of the team and kind of lead our team, so that was nice. It's definitely the place I could see myself growing best, so I went for it. In the end, if I want to become a really good player, I have to lead the team, so it's good.



You recently did a dual interview with Josedeodo for TheGameHaus where you spoke about how your duo came to fruition. Can you speak more towards your connection with Josedeodo and how your partnership is starting to develop as the core of the FlyQuest 2022 LCS roster? Was there anything he was able to impart to you from immigrating to North America one year before you?


He's my flatmate, and he's been really helpful. Since he's already been here for a year, he knows a lot of stuff, so he's helped me and taught me a lot of stuff, which was really nice. In game, he has more experience, but I have some experience from my previous tryouts, so I feel like we are kind of on the same page.



The 2022 LCS Lock In starts later this week. What's preparation been like, and what are your thoughts on the tournament as a whole?


I'm excited to start playing on stage. I think it's good to have a competition that is there to prepare you by having a few weeks to play on stage with your team and see how it goes. It's good to have a chance to experiment in stage games because they are very different from scrims, especially in the LCS. Regarding our performance, I'm really confident that we can do great things. I think we have a lot of potential.


Which LCS mid laners are you looking forward to facing most this season?


I'm excited to play against Bjergsen & Abbedagge. Abbedagge was in EU last year and I was playing against him a lot, but it's going to be really interesting now that he's in NA.



Are there any mid laners around the globe you are inspired or influenced by that you'd love a chance to test your mettle against at the 2022 World Championship should FlyQuest manage to qualify?


I really, really want to play against ShowMaker and knight. I really want to face them because I know I've learned a lot from them. They inspire me, so it would be really crazy to lane against them. I would do my best to make that happen, and if it did, I would do my best to try to win the lane and the game.



Good luck in 2022, toucouille. Is there anything you'd like to say to your new supporters from the FlyQuest fanbase?

First, thank you for all of the support because I know FlyQuest has a lot of fans. I know we are a brand people really like, so it's really nice to see that we already have a lot of fans. We're going to do our best, and judging by our scrims, I think we have a lot of potential, so thank you. I hope you enjoy this time with us.


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