Ex-Kpop star Jae apologizes to JAMIE for calling her a thot during Twitch stream

Source: Jamie/Jae

Ex-Kpop star Jae Park, who formerly was part of the band Day6, apologized on Sunday for calling fellow Korean singer and TV host JAMIE a thot while live-streaming on Twitch recently. The comments sparked outrage from the Kpop and online streaming community, including drawing a direct response from JAMIE herself, who called out the comment as sexist.


"I wanted to make an apology to Jamie and everyone about what I said," Jae stated on Sunday. "It was definitely a comment made in poor taste and I feel terrible for making JAMIE feel the way she does. What I thought was friendly banter I now realize wasn't."



He continued, "In no way was I referencing any kind of physical behavior or energy (trying to take a slight at JAMIE} but rather the aura of what people refer as a "baddie" and thought the two were synonymous, however, I do understand that is in no way an excuse for my comment."


The inappropriate comments referenced in the apology took place when Jae was streaming on Twitch, with him saying about his long-time friend JAMIE: "Now that I am not in Kpop anymore, I can say this.  Why JAMIE trying to be a THOT?" followed by a spell of laughter.



In response to the joke calling her thot, which is short for "that ho' over there" JAMIE took to Twitter on Saturday to say: "I hate that we as women have to be subjected to men's humor to appease incels on the internet period."



She also stated, in a now-deleted Tweet, "Just remember how much I cared about you even before you were in your last company and how many times if you were alright. I prayed for you your questions were like mine, it's really sad," referencing her past relationship with Jae.


Her Twitter post calling out his comment as sexist received a massive outpouring of support, receiving over 400,000 likes and over 30,000 retweets as of writing this article. While Jae and JAMIE are friends, and Jae has made positive comments about her singing abilities on that stream and in the past, it is clear that JAMIE did not appreciate Jae's derogatory comment about her. She has not yet responded publicly to his apology.


JAMIE spent seven-years with JYP as a singer and songwriter, after she rose to popular acclaim on the competition television show K-pop Star, which she won in 2011. She left JYP in 2019 and has since signed with Warner Music Korea, where she has continued to publish music.


Jae Park was previously signed with JYP as part of the K-pop group Day6, but he left the agency at the end of 2021, as many of Day6's members recently enlisted in the military for their mandatory military service. Jae has been an on and off Twitch live streamer for a couple of years now, and currently has 487,000 followers on the platform. He has faced similar criticism for jokes made in the past in stream, including temporarily leaving Twitch for comments he made last year.

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