DrDisrespect argues he could have saved Mixer from shutting down

Source: DrDisrespect/YouTube

YouTube streamer Guy "DrDisrespect" Beahm drudged up the past on Wednesday during his stream, while discussing the fall of Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer, which shut down in 2020.


"How did Mixer go down?" DrDisrespect asked incredulously. "They were literally, like Twitch, the same thing. And they got Shroud and Ninja over there. They almost got me, but it just wasn't enough [money]. Coulda, woulda."


DrDisrespect continued, "I'm gonna go ahead and make a statement. If we went over to Mixer champs, I am talking you the Champions club and the two-time [champion], Mixer would still be around. . .I am telling you man, if we went to Mixer, it would have been Twitch versus Mixer."  



Mixer made headlines in 2019 by signing Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who was the biggest streamer on Twitch at the time, followed by signing Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek who was also huge. Then only a year later in the Summer of 2020, the platform announced it was shutting down for unexplained reasons. But according to the Doc, if he had accepted their offer to stream, the platform would still be alive today.


Though the streamer's speculation that he single-handedly could have turned mixer around is dubious, it speaks to the confidence he has in himself and his audience to drive viewership for platforms.


DrDirespect has been streaming on YouTube ever since his mysterious ban from Twitch, which also took place in Summer of 2020. Nearly two years later, and Twitch still hasn't provided any public reason for the permanent ban of one of their biggest stars. In Aug. of 2021, DrDisrespect said he is suing the platform over the ban, though that legal action has still not been revealed to the public if it is happening.


Since jumping to YouTube, Doc has accrued 3.7 million subscribers, and remains one of the most popular gamers on the platform.

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