Riot reveals NEON's abilities ahead of VALORANT Episode 4: Disruption


Source: Riot Games

Riot Games revealed their newest agent NEON last week, after images of her leaked online. Today, they revealed the Filipino agent's abilities via their agent trailer. From the look of things, NEON is a duelist with electrical powers and the ability to part the red sea. Her founding metaphor is that of a sprinter, with the first teaser image of her from Dec. showing off her electrically charged running shoes.



Based on the trailer, NEON's abilities will include:

  • Executing a slide
  • Sprinting around the map
  • Firing an electrically charged grenade
  • Creating a double-sided electrical wall, with a lane down the middle
  • Zapping people with an electrical beam



NEON embodies the spirit of fast-paced FPS games like Apex Legends, bringing those movement abilities and speed to VALORANT.  Similarly to how KAYO appealed to CS:GO fans by offering many of the same abilities available in that game, NEON could very well appeal to the faster-paced crowd of players from Warzone, Apex, Battlefield, and other franchises with her ability set.


NEON is set to drop with Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 on January 12, 2022. While we haven't yet gotten to see the agent in her full context in-game, that reveal is expected for later this week, so stay tuned.

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