YouTuber Ethan Klein calls out Joe Rogan for anti-vax rhetoric

Source: H3H3/Joe Rogan Experience

YouTuber and host of the H3 Podcast Ethan Klein stirred up some controversy on Twitter on Monday, after posting a series of late-night tweets criticizing Joe Rogan for spreading vaccine misinformation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


In those tweets, Klein criticized the idea that Joe Rogan is healthy, and condemned him for spreading conspiracy's about the vaccine and hosting guests who question the value of vaccinations against COVID-19. The Tweets have been polarizing, with some supporting his criticism of Rogan, but many Rogan fans attacking Klein for his statements.


"Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he's healthier than everyone," stated Ethan Klein on Twitter. "This mfer is such a bitch that when he got covid he threw "the kitchen sink at it" - if you're so healthy just ride it out like you say a man should. Dude has caused so much vaccine hesitancy and misinformation and he doesn't even have the balls to stand by the shit he preaches. Now he's on his show talking about how fat people should just die of covid - dude is such a f*cking piece of shit."



Klein continued, "instead of getting vaccinated he takes Regeneron, an experimental drug that was developed alongside mRNA vaccines. His logic makes no sense. and then credits Ivermectin, which does f*ckin nothing for covid. not to mention whatever the fuck is in alpha brain. Meanwhile, while Joe is on a big pharma conspiracy against vaccines - someone needs to ask him who makes Ivermectin and Regeneron, and all the other shit he took when he had COVID."


In response to Klein's comments, many offered their support for his arguments in favor of the COVID vaccine and against Joe Rogan's approach to COVID. However, many of Rogan's fans took to Twitter to mock Ethan Klein's physical form, comparing him to Joe Rogan's more muscular stature, while ignoring the arguments Klein actually made in his tweets regarding vaccines. Notable critics of Klein like Keemstar took the opportunity to make fun of him, rather than engage with the discourse.


Klein's comments come after Joe Rogan has spent the last couple of years arguing against the use of masks and vaccines to limit the spread of the virus, even at some points suggesting that real men don't use masks and that healthy people don't need to protect themselves or others from COVID by getting the vaccination. Most recently, Joe Rogan hosted an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, who argued that people who get vaccines are part of "mass psychosis formation," suggesting that the only mentally sane people in society are unvaccinated people.


Joe Rogan is not a doctor, nor does he have any medical expertise, so he has drawn intense criticism from the medical establishment for his ill-informed anti-vaccine comments and his decision to consistently provide a platform for anti-vaccine advocates. Leading American epidemiology and longtime director of NIAID Dr. Fauci responded to Rogan's comments against the vaccine last year, saying, "even if you don't have any symptoms, you're propagating the outbreak [when you refuse to get vaccinated]."


Despite the medical establishment generally supporting Ethan Klein's perspective, it hasn't stopped Joe Rogan's fans from ruthlessly attacking the YouTuber for your physical stature. Many are also suggesting that he is only making his comments about public health because he is irrelevant and clout chasing, echoing an increasingly common response to criticism from large influencers that anyone who criticizes them is just jealous.

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