xQc on Ludwig's MasterChef meta criticism: "That's a rookie take from a rookie"


The MasterChef meta on Twitch has received a lot of hate from popular content creators. Sodapoppin said that he hoped streamers broadcasting the reality shows would get DMCA'd. Then Ludwig called the meta potentially "catastrophic."


One of the most popular streamers spearheading the meta is xQc, who decided to respond to the ongoing criticism. After getting celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to respond to him on Twitter, xQc clearly feels confident that streaming popular cooking reality shows is not going to harm his channel at all. In fact, he's had the most views he's ever had and may even get Ramsay to react to television shows with him. 

xQc bashes Ludwig for concern over MasterChef meta on Twitch

Ludwig started comparing xQc's reality show streams to the "alt right rabbit hole" of YouTube. But xQc stopped the streamer mid-sentence to make fun of him. 


"He's just mald because he swapped cars and his car ran out of gas real f--king fast. He got banned three times in the span of three days," xQc said with a laugh. 



xQc was referencing Ludwig's shocking decision to leave Twitch after his record-breaking subathon to stream exclusively on YouTube. But just three days into his new career on YouTube, Ludwig was suspended for playing "Baby Shark" on his stream. 


xQc continued that Ludwig was a "rookie" making a "rookie take." xQc explained that the streaming industry couldn't correct itself after Ludwig demanded a "course correction." Instead, xQc said, "things explode." This is something streamers knew since the beginning of Twitch. 


"Things explode and nothing goes back," xQc ranted. 


The controversial streamer did admit, however, that it's possible that content creators could get banned on Twitch for streaming TV shows. But xQc said that the real problem would be if streamers broadcast brand new episodes. Either way, xQc said that Twitch deciding to ban everyone for showing the television shows would lead to a disaster. 


"So what is the answer then?" xQc asked. 


For now, xQc feels as though watching reality shows on Twitch is the "future" of streaming. This is not surprising since xQc received much higher viewership than normal. But it's still unclear if Twitch will crack down on the behavior or not. 

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