TrainWrecks becomes 9th most subbed to streamer after $1 million dollar giveaway

Source: TrainWrecks/Twitch

Twitch streamer TrainWreck gained over 21,000 subscribers in a single day on new years day, after hosting a $1 million dollar giveaway on stream for his chat. During the stream, which peaked at over 70,000 viewers, he jumped from just around 30,000 subscribers to just under 51,000 subscribers.


Following his massive giveaway, Train now boasts the #9 most subbed-to streamer spot on Twitch, according to Twitchtracker data, up from #14. Along the way, he passed Anthonyz, SummitG, LVndMark, Adin Ross, and Casimito. The new ranking also pushes him over Dr. Disrespect's all-time Twitch record, taking his #25 most-subbed to of all-time spot. He previously held the #52 spot before Saturday's stream.


The increased activity on Train's stream was driven by his historic $1 million dollar giveaway that captivated the platform for the latter part of Saturday afternoon. The giveaway took place after streamer jokingly said on Saturday that if he wins the $10 million dollar jackpot, he would give away $1 million of it. As luck would have it, he successfully landed the jackpot, and decided to remain true to his word and give away large amounts of it via bitcoin transfers.


People entered via his chat, with numerous fans of Train receiving sums of money. Some notable figures like FaZe Snipedown and NYSL Clayster also managed to grab $15,000 each along with Train's viewers. While he gave away $1,000,000, Train's luck streak was not over, as he reportedly won another $1,000,000 after resuming his gambling after his giveaway. 



TrainWreck is a variety streamer, known for his controversial practice of playing online casino games for large sums of money on stream. While the streamer has been gambling online for years, in 2021 he faced renewed backlash, as other streamers like xQc also tried their hand at online gambling content. As a result of his controversial reputation, Train was banned by EA from participating in a Twitch Rival's tournament in November. Despite the negative feedback from some key members of the Twitch community, like H3H3 and Hasanabi, he has continued the practice.

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