GEN Chovy: “I want to beat T1 since I lost to them and Faker a lot.”


As the 2021 LCK Awards were announced, several players from the LCK teams attended the event to take home awards and to congratulate each other. Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, who recently moved to Gen.G, was also there in a nice suit. Inven Global had a chance to chat briefly with Chovy.



You’re here at the LCK awards. How do you feel?


It’s the first time I’m at such an event. It feels good to be here, and I’m thankful to Riot Korea for making such an event. Personally, I feel a bit dizzy since there are so many people here. [Laughs]


You’re usually seen in public wearing your jersey, but today, you’re all dressed up in a suit. How is it?


The reason I wore a suit today was that I thought I won’t have many chances to wear one. I felt that it’ll be alright to wear one on such an occasion today — when I arrived, I saw all the other players wore suits too. [Laughs] Wearing a suit here was a new experience for me, so I guess it’s not bad.



Are you satisfied with how you look? You look really awesome today!


I’m satisfied with how I look today, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it often. Since you say I look awesome, I’m really happy. [Laughs]


You moved to Gen.G this offseason. What did you consider the most in the move?


Several other teams gave me offers, obviously because they wanted to play with me. The biggest thing I considered was the vision and conditions they showed me. Among all the offers, I thought that Gen.G was the best choice for me. Frankly, if it were anybody else that was in my shoes, they would also have made the same decision. The offer was that good.


How has building synergy with your teammates been going?


We’re working on it. Usually, when I join a new team, the synergy isn’t that great. It’s my first time that the team synergy is so good from the beginning. It feels new, and it’s really good.


Are there any teams that you’re looking out for? Any teams that you really don’t want to lose to?


Personally, I want to beat T1 since I lost to them and Faker a lot, so I’m paying a lot of attention to them. I’m human too — I lost to them so much, I can’t help but be conscious of them.



You played with Deft for quite a long time, but now you’ll be playing for different teams. How does that feel?


Although we played together for a while, before that, we were on different teams, competing with each other. It does feel different from back then, but we can’t be together all the time, and it’s not that we’re separated on a bad occasion. I hope we can both do well in our respective positions.


In one of recent Gen.G streams, you said that there is no “world best mid laner” right now. Could you explain your thoughts a bit more here?


A while ago, most people thought about the same person when asked who’s the best mid laner. Recently, a lot of players are really good, and they all have their own qualities that make them be argued as the best mid laner. I don’t think it’ll mean anything thinking about that. Depending on the meta and the player’s style, their plays sometimes stand out. I don’t think there is a player that’s clearly ahead of the others in all parts of the game right now.


Is it alright to think that you’re working to become the world’s best mid laner?


It wouldn’t mean anything to pick that one world’s best mid laner, but it’s what I should work for. I think it’s my duty to put in hard work to become the best.


Many fans still consider you as one of the best.


I don’t think of myself as the best, but I’m thankful to those who think that. My duty is to show keep on putting on a good performance for those fans, and to those who don’t think that, I need to show better plays to convince them as well.


How was your vacation after Worlds?


I just went home and had some rest. There isn’t that much for me to do… [Laughs] I don’t go out that often, so there’s nothing much to do at home but play games, right? I just played games, ate well, slept well, and had some quality rest.


What are your goals going into the spring season?


My goals going into the spring season aren’t only limited to my next season — it goes the same for my whole life, the time I have left. I want to work hard every moment so that when I look back at myself at one point, I wouldn’t have any regrets about what I did. I want to get good results that way.


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