Amazon reverses copyright strike on New World bug video, following online backlash

Source: Amazon Games

Amazon shared a statement with Inven Global on Tuesday, responding to backlash over the company striking a video reporting a bug earlier this week. According to Amazon Games, the strike was a mistake and they apologized for their error.

"The team has been investigating this incident and working directly with the Content Creator involved to resolve this issue," Amazon told Inven Global. "The intended target for the strike was an advertisement on YouTube for a gold selling website. By mistake, the video was reported instead, we have since removed the strike and the video is live again. We will revise our internal processes to ensure this issue does not impact other folks in the future. We apologize for this poor experience and any concerns it created."


The whole situation started when the creator in question, Video Game DataBank, reported a crafting progression bug to Amazon Games support this week and linked to his video about it. Rather than getting the bug issue resolved, however, he was hit with a manual copyright strike from Amazon. Strikes have the potential to get your YouTube account banned permanently.


In response to the strike, Video Game DataBank made a video about it, expressing his anger and frustration at being punished for trying to help out Amazon, and promising to never report on bugs again, lest he lose his channel. That video picked up speed on Reddit and with endemic gaming publications, leading to influencers like Asmongold spotlighting the issue and putting pressure on Amazon to fix the situation.



Asmongold also shared Amazon's explanation on Tuesday, saying it proves that "Amazon did nothing wrong." Some pushed back on the claim that the company did nothing wrong, given that they admitted to making a crucial error and harming one of their most loyal creators. Regardless, the video is once again available to watch on Video Game DataBank's channel.


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