Nintendo insider hints at special edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming soon

Source: Nintendo


After Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was completed, the Smash community found it hard to believe that creator Sakurai would truly take time off to rest, hang out with his cat, and go on road trips. In interviews, he explained that there was definitely a future for Smash but he wasn't quite sure what that would be. 


Now, it seems like a Nintendo insider has some possible answers. 


While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster and character balances are allegedly complete, a new version of the game could be released in 2022, according to a well-known leaker. HotGirlVideos69, who has leaked information about other Nintendo titles in the past, said that the special edition is coming in January or February.



According to the tweet, the edition will include all of the challenger packs and fighters that were previously released separately from the main game over the past few years. The new version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will allegedly cost $89.99, which would be a good deal for anyone who doesn't already have the game since Ultimate itself is $60 and each fighter pack is $20. 


Even players that already own Smash and all of the fighter passes may find themselves tempted since the special edition of the game could become a collector's item. But it's not yet clear — if the game even exists — if there would be special packaging or anything else to make it worth purchasing for avid Ultimate players who already have all of the DLC. 


The leak was met with high hopes from the Smash community, who noted that it would be a great deal. Others speculated if it would come with updates to World of Light. 


But so far, Nintendo hasn't made any announcements regarding a special edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While HotGirlVideos69 has seemed pretty involved with behind-the-scenes Breath of the Wild news, it's still unclear how they would have access to any Smash knowledge. For now, this is just a rumor. 

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