Streamer Hasan unbanned from Twitch, following "hate speech" controversy

Source: Hasan Piker

Streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker was unbanned from Twitch Monday evening, following a week-long disciplinary ban from Twitch due to the streamer's use of the controversial term "cracker" to describe white folks. Hasan will return to streaming on the platform at 11 AM PT on Tuesday.



Hasan was banned for one week, after he took time out of his stream last weekend to defend the use of the word "cracker", after some of his moderators were reportedly disciplined for using the term. Hasan argued that the term, which refers to white slave masters cracking the whip over black slaves, is not a slur since it is used by powerless, historically oppressed people to vent frustration. Twitch disagreed, labeling the term a "hateful slur" and banning it under their hateful conduct policy. The platform also reportedly banned Vaush and other streamers over using the term.


Hasan's ban sparked a widespread debate across the platform, with some supporting Hasan's position and arguing that Twitch is feeding into white identity politics by holding the term as equally bad to the N-word, while others like xQc and TrainWreck suggested that the term is inappropriate and it is not okay to call someone an insult on the basis of their skin color, even if they are white. 


For his part, Hasan and his close friends spent the last week meming on the idea that they are "anti-white racists".


Though he couldn't go live on his own channel, Hasan still took part in multiple YouTube streams, including building gingerbread houses on Ludwig Ahgren's stream and hosting his hot tub stream with Amouranth during the H3H3 Productions "Left Overs" show last Friday. During his show with Ethan Klein of H3H3, he repeatedly made jokes about the term cracker, and they put the word cracker sprawled above the set in the Friends font.


Hasan will finally be able to return to his own channel tomorrow. Judging by the meme he posted with his unbanning, which showed his face on a pile of Ritz crackers, he is far from sorry for his use of the term and stands by his defense, though it is likely he will still steer clear of the word on stream.

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