Hasan to host Amouranth hot tub stream on H3's YouTube channel following ban

While Hasan was banned from Twitch this week over the use of the word 'cracker' on his stream, the show must go on. Specifically, he announced that he will be moving his planned hot tub stream with Amouranth to H3H3 productions show on Thursday.



The streamer was banned on Monday evening, after taking some time out of his stream on Monday to defend the use of the controversial term cracker, after some of his mods were banned over the use of the word. While some have argued the term is a slur for white people, Hasan argued that the term is not a slur and is not particularly offensive. Twitch disagreed, slapping Hasan with his third Twitch ban.


Hasan remained defiant in the wake of the ban, confirming that he will be hopping onto Ludwig Ahgren's stream on Tuesday, and moving his stream with Amouranth over to H3H3's YouTube channel on Thursday. This is not a violation of his ban, since both streams are happening on YouTube, not Twitch.


Hasan was not the only streamer to face a ban over the term cracker. Vaush reported his own ban on Tuesday over the term, which Twitch argues is a "hateful slur" under their hateful conduct community guidelines. 



Hasan, Vaush, and others have been highly critical of Twitch for banning them over "anti-white racism," however xQc spoke out in defense of Twitch on Tuesday. According to xQc, the term is inappropriate since it is an insult based on the color of someone's skin, which he called "trashy and unneeded."


The entire controversy started after Hasan referred to a Reddit user as a White Cracker Bitch over the weekend. The term sparked outrage from some members of chat, who saw it as being racist toward someone for being white.


The term cracker refers to the American past, when white people could and did legally own black people as slaves, with the 'cracker' being a reference the someone cracking the whip.  Hasan argued that the term is used by historically powerless people to vent frustration, and should not be considered hateful or a slur. It is worth noting that when he used it, he was not a powerless person who is historically oppressed.


There is some irony to him moving a hot tub stream onto Ethan Kleins H3H3 podcast channel, given that Klein has been heavily critical of hot tub streams in the past, even openly mocking them earlier this year.



It is unclear how long Hasan will be banned, though similar bans typically last between three and seven days on Twitch.

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